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I remember when I volunteered to help out a friend who ran a successful radio program back in the 80's and played the role of a producer, call-in screener, announcer, marketer and subject prep person. I knew nothing about broadcasting, radio, recordings, sound and so much more but I was going to ...
A warning to the concerned people in regards to the potential of getting sick (caveat sictor) is in line here but using fear, hype, doubt, confusion, panic and hesitation dynamics is not allowed! Be still for a moment and let your sense of which we have in common kick-in. The facts are simple eno...
A good posting. Just what is it? Not all that is said, written or shared is worthy of a read or a response. If we break it down to subject matter, it becomes a little clearer especially to the one seeking and searching for that information. The exception is if it is interesting in general and cap...
We for the first time in history have so many ways to express and communicate making what we do take place in better, faster and even cheaper arenas. Interactions are at an all time high and who knows just how far we can go with the technology coming non-stop. However, lets examine if we are conn...
I am going to give a heads you a heads-up and shine a light on some dynamics that creep into our lives and are so good at sneaking-in that they manage to stay longer than they should by using stealth. Then, if we don't take action or someone else doesn't comment or point out the "out of placeness...
How profitable it is to know and be known to all who are involved in doing so. Welcome Rainers and here is another opportunity to do so in the form of a challenge with points (yay) and benefits to both the player and their chosen post-author. You see we are going to take anyones posting or blog p...
Have you ever wondered why apologizing is so hard and painful to the one doing it? I am speaking of the real deal where YOU know what you did, why you did it and how it was not appropriate and some ancient and powerful dynamic driven by your conscience or (?) at work compels you to approach this ...
It was a quiet, I was tired and I decided to spend the rest of the evening reading before finally nodding off. I bid farewell to ActiveRain via my laptop and gave it permission to enter the sleep mode at its convenience. In other words, I gave it the rest of the night off. A few hours later, I he...
What happens if the title of this post comes true? Is it far-fetched to entertain such a thing? I wonder. Right now home prices are high and in demand and have been some time. A Real Estate cycle is at work. In addition, rents have reached an all-time high too. Both are holding steadily and with ...
What does this really mean? You are not alone if you do not know even though you are familiar with it because you have heard it or even used it. The premise is that the person who is receiving the benefit wants it or you want it for them. Consequently the one giving or wanting to give it believes...

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