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Selling your home in with a Realtor is pretty easy. We have many great Realtors doing a good job.  But, a few are not doing all that they can. Here are some of the ways that Listing agents are falling short. 1   Only one picture on the listing.  You can have 25.  The house should be prepped for p...
New to Pasco County?  Read about the insurance night mare going on in Florida regarding sink hole houses?  Did you see the sink hole that swallowed the guy? Confused? The challenge that I have as an investor and a Realtor is helping buyers to understand.   There are several things going on.   Som...
If you google Blackstone you will see the articles about Blackstone and big money managers buying houses in Florida. In the last 2 weeks we have seen dramatic instances of these buyers paying huge premiums to the prices we have seen over the last few years. For example: 7514 Milbank Dr Port Riche...
All this talk about pricing.  Lets look at some numbers. We see prices are up 10% over last year.  We see inventories down, and in my county down 60% from 2007.  We see new listings getting multiple offers routinely.  We have large numbers of solds each month compared to 6 years ago.  Here are so...
The right buyer comes along, price is not the issue. I seem to violate the rule of pricing things "Right" by consistently overpricing my products. But, as a Realtor/Investor I  am the seller and I want to take the risk of finding the right buyer vs pricing it right for a quick sale. Sellers feel ...
Very cool 2 family home. One meter.  2 air conditioners.  One a window shaker. 1499 sq foot block and frame 3 story building.   See pics at RandyJenkins.Postlets.com. I have 50 pictures there, between 2 different postlets.  www.randyjenkins.postlets.com   12445 Lamont Ave This home can be viewed ...
What came first the liz pendens or the lien? Why is it important and why are we asking the question? Well, if you are buying a home through a Realtor in Florida, you don't have to worry.  The contract we use is subject to a title search and the issuance of title insurance, and these details will ...
The best deals are short sales and they are not "readily available to retail buyers." What does that mean?   Well, the defendant (seller) signs the contract.  You do an inspection, you pay for an appraisal and then the bank counters at a higher number.  Wait a minute, we have a contract.  Yes, su...
               OPEN HOUSE INVITATION      *FREE LUNCH*        TUESDAY JANUARY 8TH     11am – 4 pm                  Very unique property!!           Offering 4% Commission to Selling agent              12445 LAMONT AVE, NEW PORT RICHEY Two family home or one family home with 2 nice kitchens, 2/1 d...
I look at a lot of homes that are going to be sold on the court house steps.  We make note of the condition to value them. Through the years we have developed a few abreviations for describing the homes.   Here are a few of them:   SNOT    means shower no tub as in MBR SNOT...  master bedroom sho...

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