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Banks don't edge.   They don't seem to trim hedges or trees either. I see so many vacant homes in foreclosure that are being maintained by property management companies. And no matter which company is maintaining the property, I won't name names, they don't edge. SO, all these foreclosures have g...
   TIRED OF NOT GETTING BOTH SIDES OF THE TRANSACTION? REO, Short Sale and seller listing agents.  REJOICE.  You can get both sides of the transaction with these easy barriers that you can erect so that you will get the seller commission and the buyer commission. Tactic 1.   The contract.   Don't...
"I am not sure that will be a question for the HOA.  I know I have seen pets there." Really?   You call yourself a listing agent?   You have seen pets there?  That is your answer? How can it be that you are so weak?   You, no, when I list a listing I routinely show it 50 or 100 times.   So, are y...
90% OF THE HOMES ON MLS ARE PRICED 30% TOO HIGH. A great Realtor by the name of Aubrey Gates told me this when I was a new Realtor. In my market there are about 3500 active listings.  This is down from around 8000 when I got licensed in 2007. What this means is that there are only about 350 homes...
Thank you Jackie for a very good blog on an interesting subject. I get a lot of internet leads that seem to think that I am the listing agent.  When I let them know I am not they seem to want to know why the are talking to me. And I tell them,  I am helpful, I take calls, I work for buyers.   It ...
WOW> I am certainly just an observer and have a real problem with making a conclusion. So here are some of the factors. There is institutional money, that is hedge fund money buying foreclosures on the court house steps.  We have seen the articles and are witnessing the action. On Sept 19, 2012, ...
Here are some real and some imagined blog headlines. DO YOU SHOW HOUSES IS IN THE NUDE?   Is that a nude Realtor or a nude house. WOULD YOU BUY A HOUSE WITH A FETZER VALVE.    The go go home inspectors on Active Rain know their stuff.  Some are relentless point getters. WHY WOULD A BUYER BUY FROM...
Rainmakers Wayne and Muriel give us a list of great ideas for making your house stand out.   We all have to remember there are things that must be done and things we should get done to give a house a better chance of moving quickly.  Make Your Open House Stand Out! Hold open houses after work or ...
I have been guilty of not paying attention to this. There is no doubt, that we have to make sure our product is attractive and warm.Thanks Dave for the blog post.RandyDoes it matter what color paint you use on the walls when selling a house? Most definitely it does matter what the color of paint ...
So you have a listing that has a high days on market.  Or you are making an offer on a property with a high days on market. You figure it is not an attractive property, based on amenities, location or price.  No offers, few showings, no interest and nothing happening. And all of a sudden it has m...

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