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2009 Arcadia Road Holiday Fl                  $135,000Zoned Store/Combo.Can be a store or a office or a home.  1500 sq feet, move in read, new A/C.  Check out the pics.  
The Florida Far Bar contract gives the writer of the contract the opportunity to have the seller or buyer pick the title company and pay the closing fees.The only outright buyer fee in the contract is the title company will charge the buyer a fee for a lenders policy.Historically, title companies...
Story.NOT ME but I observed this in the office.Realtor A does a listing appointment.  Seller wants to use "measured  square feet".   Property appraiser shows 1200 feet but there was an illegal conversion and now there is 500 feet more of living area.Realtor A says no, you can't do that.  It has t...
A lot of Realtors won't show a house unless the buyer is pre approved.How do you say it so you won't sound like a Realtor who won't show a house with out a pre approval?Hi Mr. Buyer, do you have a pre approval...and before you tell me, do you know why I am asking?Every pre approval tells us what ...
Why do I look so young on my business card?YOU GOT OLD FOOL.I remember early in my career, seeing older Realtors with really young looking business card pictures and I thought, how pitiful, they haven't looked like that in years.Not wanting to be an OLD FOOL.  I took the picture off my web site. ...
How do you keep track of all the wisdom that you get from these blog posts?I cut and paste the articles onto an email and then I send it to myself.I then keep the article in a folder. For generic wisdom I put it in a file called brainstorming.  If it is specific to a subject I track I will put it...
Dear Friend,I have great concerns with many aspects of the PACE Program, which is a home improvement program that helps homeowners harden their homes to prevent storm damage and to make other improvements.  Unfortunately, the cost to do so can be high, with interest rates, fees and other costs n...
 Here are some examples of poor listing behavior.  .Verify any lease restrictions with HOA.   Are you kidding?  One call and you can inform any potential buyers.  Are you expecting every Buyers Agent searching for their clients needs will call the HOA?  Or likely are they going to skip this prope...
2 Master bedrooms in a 2 bedroom house. Do you know what that means....?   Don't page down yet.  Got it?Ok Page down.                You have to walk through one of the bedrooms to get to the bathroom.There is no hall bath, no bath in the common areas.  Not very convenient.   Hokey.   Not a selli...
In no particular order.  And with out regard as to whether the buyer can do it on their own. Provide list of available properties.Ability to screen properties and provide immediate email updates of price and availability.Able to teach new buyers local concerns.  Like how to screen for sink hole h...

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