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So, I am a listing agent.  I sell my inventory of homes.  Because I have something to sell, I answer my phone. Buyers call me, and I am very helpful, because I have property for sale.What happens a lot is that I have a first time buyer.  They have no idea what they are doing, they don't have fina...
It is easy to buy a bank owned property.  Just pay the asking price or more.Now...how do you get a good deal?There is so much competition for good deals now, that the competition heats up the price and it is no longer a good deal.Some one is getting the good deals, though...look at the solds.  Fo...
I had to explain to my partner/customer that it was my fault.The back splash clashed badly with the granite counter tops.I allowed my handyman to choose the back splash.  I delegated the responsibility and though not consulted I allowed him to make that decision, therefor it was my decision and t...
What is the market doing?Read the solds.   The 7 day solds in your area, your neighborhoods. Each transaction is a mini picture of the criteria the home fits.So a move in ready 3/2/2 Pool home is HOW MUCH? Now I know what a 3/2/2 Pool home goes for on last Friday. Also, breadth.  How many sold la...
Marlene King the writer of the show Pretty Little Liars has a new show coming out called Famous In Love.Among the stars is my nephew Carter JenkinsBuy a house through me and I will get you tickets to walk down the red carpet.....just kidding.  You will certainly have to list one also.  BTW.  Cart...
There are over 100 ways to buy a home.  65 or so work best.So how do you sell a home?  Should you sell it yourself or use a broker?Lets assume that you are going to sell your home with or with out a broker.Lets brainstorm.  Which means throwing ideas out there...no order, no priority and no criti...
What gives me the right to talk about negotiating.  Let me count the reasons.MLS says I was the listing agent for 279 solds.  I was the selling agent for 172 properties.  I personally have bought and sold 529 properties and my real estate company has over 30 properties now.When I sell a home I ca...
The "I don't know what I am doing people," are still hard at work throwing their money away on worthless home owner association liens.We work so hard as Realtor 's finding deals and helping people, and then weekly, the "I don't know what I am doing people" with too much money and no sense are buy...
Doing an open house at a home across the river from a premier alternative lifestyle camp ground.  Sunday 1-5 pm....yesterday.  Feb 5 2017.  Really.Buyer came back after being there a few hours earlier.  Gentleman asked about the campground.  Is it loud?  Is there any nudity?   I told him I though...
Buying Homes in Florida with out an InspectionThere are 2 scenarios.  You are going to live in it or you are investing.If you are going to live in it you must get a home inspection.  (not true....you very much should get an inspection...it should not be up for discussion.).   You must get a 4 poi...

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