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This is just pure sarcasm.Please, go read another blog.My 3 followers....sorry to have to put you through this.  You are all Realtors and know this.So my thought was to write 15 or 20 lines of inane rubbish and then down at the bottom I was going to write...LEAVE YOUR NUMBER.So, if you want to se...
Realtors don't do deeds, but real estate investors do.As a Realtor, I have deeds prepared by someone else, and I have learned that the legal description to put on the deed is not necessarily the legal description on the appraiser site.Really.The legal description should be the legal description t...
My main GMail Address filled up and now they want me to pay for more storage.So I whipped out one of my secondary email addresses and now I use it for my main email address.The problem is that everyone is using my old main email address and that address  is threatening to cut off my ability to re...
How to sell a house.Marketing, staging, pricing.Is that all there is?For this blog we will skip staging, which can be doing nothing, and lets skip pricing.So lets talk Marketing.1.   List it on MLS.  There are 19 things that have to go right on this.  Here are a few.  Max number of pictures allow...
The topic is writing a sensational headline so that your blog will be featured.Congratulations to Janice Hope Zaltman Leed of Keller Williams for her great blog post "Have great sex today."  And for her to spark the conversation in this blog...writing sensational headlines so that your blog will ...
Focus on something other than the issue.I spoke to a buyers agent that was so excited.  She has an offer:Quick Closing.No inspection.Cash.Quick turn around, send it back within 24 hours.  We can get this done.Lots of words and lots of excitement and lots of buddy buddy talk.What is missing.  PRIC...
When did you buy your home?It is a big indicator of what you paid.  When I analyze a property, I look at the year the last buyer purchased.  It tells a story.2006.  Probably over paid dramatically.  If some one is upside down on their home that that bought many years earlier, they probably refina...
Where are all the good buyers agents?  I know where they are, they are working the median and higher priced houses.I work a lot of lower end houses as a listing agent, so I am talking to a lot of low priced buyers, and they are not being helped.They are calling on "cash only" houses, and they hav...
Why can't this Realtor sell this House?13741 Judy Ave Hudson Fl 34667     (www.409home.com)671 Days On Market $299,900                                                   So far...here is why  1  No Elevator2  No bath tub (really)3  Over priced (not really)4  Lousy Realtor5  Bedrooms are too small6...
What is the cost of doing an open house?I have done many open houses.   When I say I, I dont mean that I personally did them.  As you may know if you are a regular reader of my blog, I am the Listing Agent and I am one of the owners of most of my listings.As an owner, I have a different cost/bene...

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