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A listing is a list of features and benefits.It is not a sales pitch.  Lets face it listing agent, you are not that good of a sales person to sell some one a property that does not meet the buyers needs.So, when you put MUST SEE, or THIS ONE WILL GO FAST, too me, it is more like a carnival barker...
There are no rules.  You are free to abuse your Realtor and they, generally will take it.Some people do not know that Realtors like all professionals behave in a fairly predictable fashion.  1.  Realtors are sales people.  They only get paid for results.  So they spend a lot of time with a lot of...
This is just too basic.Running a Craigs list ad?Put your contact info in the ad.Really.  Craigslist.  Sell stuff?  Put your name or email address or phone number.Dumb blog.Dumber advertiser.   I wonder if they notice they are not getting a response?R
I have a share of ownership in all of the houses that I am marketing.  I am my only customer, though I have 5 or 6 investors that I partner with on each deal.  So my listing agreement has several line items that are way out of the box. 1.  Listing agent to make price changes.2.  Listing agent to ...
I countered at $245k.  The buyers offer was $220k we were asking $249,900.I am the seller and the listing agent.This buyers agent is all over me to send it back in writing.   Because of the storm, that was Hermine, we are overwhelmed with houses that got beat up.  My assistant is entertaining out...
How to Analyze properties in Pasco County Florida.Find a House.  How?   Realtors, Realtor.com.  Craigslist. Newspapers. Community as well as the big city near by.What about Trulia, Zillow, AOL Real Estate, Homes.com etc?  All of the info on these sites come from each other.  Theses sites all have...
We have flooding going on today in Pasco County Florida.  It is not unusually to have fresh water flooding from heavy rains....every where.So, I am blindly following my GPS to my next destination when I realize....it is going to take me down Suave...and then to turn on King Arthur.  NO NO NO.  Ki...
What is the most important thing I should be doing now? Should it be what causes me the most discomfort?  Meaning get it out of the way...that thing you dont want to do.  Make a list of all those open sores and do them, and cross them off the list.Prospecting.   Cant do enough.  Work it constantl...
A waterfront home had a foreclosure in Hudson sold on the courthouse steps on Tuesday.  It was a second mortgage.The only bidders were higher bidder numbers, meaning that had just recently recently signed on to buy foreclosures.The wining bidder paid over $80k for the home.  Unfortunately, there ...
Another one of my Buyers made and offer through another agent This time it is for an off market, that is non MLS property.  I had shown the property to the daughter and she brought her father the next day.I had explained the process to her and he called back in with a number of questions.A few ho...

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