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Years ago I would have been upset.  I guess I still am, some.I did not mention it to the buyer agent.  I only found out when the buyer called me to see the home again.  I had him in my phone, so I knew who he was.  I told him we had an offer already at $35k, but were going to have to get full pri...
Legal Descriptions on foreclosed homes using metes and bounds can be tricky.Legal descriptions come in two forms, lot and block or metes and bounds.  If I lost you already, good bye.For me, as a buyer of distressed and foreclosed properties, over 400 at last count and maybe closer to 500 now, you...
What is real estate malpractice?Not doing the things that you should do.What should you do?1.  All listings should have a minimum of 25 pictures.  If the property is so small with no features, take the aerial pictures from the appraisers site and ad them or take multiple pictures from different a...
As a selling agent and an investor that sells properties owned by me and my investors, I have a perspective that is more seller oriented than Realtor oriented.I stopped offering my deals for FHA financing.  Most of my deals are flips, to keep them cheap we don't do massive rehabs, we dont want to...
I am working on cleaning up my email list.  Seems 9000+ is too much to manage.I am sending out an email inviting my contacts to take themselves off my list. I am marketing a number of homes, many of which are not great deals, more retail than what I consider good buys. But, from time to time I do...
I write  a lot from the prospective of a selling agent that also owns the property.   Where we survived on any deal regardless of financing, we are now in a weird market where FHA is a problem.NO, that is not what I mean.  I mean it is a problem if you are FHA and want to ask for closing fees.   ...
We had a real bad appraisal.  And the market is so strong.  We walked away from the transaction for more reasons than just the bad appraisal.But it means were were stuck with the appraisal for 6 months for any FHA buyers.  SO, put it back on MLS.  CASH ONLY.We get a buyer that has $25K down and t...
Acive Listings 2952.Bank owned 188Short Sales 73Pending  1412Active with contract  65330 day solds 10957 day solds 191     
A Realtor asked me.   "Why would you say not a bank owned or short sale on your listing."TIMES HAVE CHANGED>Since when....2009, 2010, every single listing I have placed has had those words.This Realtor is right, and probably new.   Lets look at the numbers for Pasco County.Active Listings  2951. ...
For example...did you know that there is a really high end neighborhood that is down wind on certain days from the dump where they burn garbage?   Really great prices in there...now you know why.Did you know that you can buy really cheap 10 acre plus parcels on a noted road in our county.   Unfor...

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