this is a nice article about FHA allowing flipping homes using their product for another year , i think for markets like phoneix that is awsome , well i wanted to share this here is the link   thanks
this is just a question to see what you think about rent vs buying in today market i would like to know your opinion on this subject.   thanks have a super day
I still kind of new Realtor ,but this is true the more foreclosures the closer i think we are getting to the point where we stabilize the market , but its also an opportunity because the are sellers and also buyers out their we just have to work with them . here is an article about this  from TBW...
this is a great eye opener about the lost combine equity nation wide , it made me think about this mess we got our self into, hope you like this video coming from TBWS daily here is the link   thanks  
new reports for the q4  zillow show more homes sales but show declining prices and more rapidly on the last few months this video covers all this and a bit more its interesting because i think this is going to give us a nice push even if prices go down . here is the Link this comes from the Harri...
this is a great article about what q4 did last year ,really not suprizing probably for any of us but interesting to see hope  you like this one comming from the Haris RE university thanks
wow i am new basically even thou i a have been a Realtor for almost 6 months, but this is really nice to know because i don't remember in any of my classes that we could fire the client , they did mention we could if we wanted not to take the listing . thanks for the information Many times the se...
well with what happened in Massachusetts and wells fargo yes some people will see as if they are getting what they diserve but is it really what we need because as the video i have here i think that this is going to hurt the consumer and us in the long run and we might see little to no lending in...
this is an article from on of my home inspector Gary t. Heller hope you like it its very intersting and really did not think to much about this here is the article Gary T. Heller Inspection Services LLC 602-376-8806   Attic Pull-Down La...
this is a nice video about the change of hafa for 2011 and i think is important to know them and discuss them hope you this comming from the here is the link to it thanks

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