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Mortgage Rates Moved Higher Today:After several news outlets reported progress in the US-China trade talks bonds sold off and mortgage rates moved higher. A possible US-China trade deal has been one of three major risks to low bond yields and mortgage rates.Here are the three major risks bonds an...
Consumer Confidence:The Consumer Confidence report was released this morning. Expectations were for a reading of 125.0. However the actual reading came in at 135.7; significantly higher than expected. Last months reading was 121.5.Generally speaking; positive economic reports equal higher mortgag...
GDP Advance Q2 Report:Earlier today the GDP Advance Q2 report came out higher than expected. Investors were expecting a reading of 1.8% however the actual reading came in at 2.1%. Stronger than expected however it's still lower than the 3.1% gain in Q1 2019. Treasuries and Mortgage Backed Securit...
A "Strong" GDP Number And Better Mortgage Rates:Today might be the time in my 14+ year career as a Loan Officer that I've typed that sentence. A general rule of thumb when it comes to mortgage rates is this:A stronger than expected economic report (like GDP) can push mortgage rates higher.Does it...
Mortgage Rates Have Moved Higher:Remember the excitement back in March? Mortgage rates were moving lower and nearly everyone was saying mortgage rates would either keep going lower or worse case still low for a long time.Well that didn't happen.For nearly two weeks we've seen mortgage rates natio...
Mortgage Rate Update For March 2019:Conforming and FHA mortgage rates are at their lows for 2019. In addition to that they are at a level not seen in over 12 months as both the Mortgage Backed Securities Market and Treasury bond market continue to rally. As we move further into the month many ind...
Mortgage Rates March 2019:It's March 1st, 2019 and mortgage rates are higher to start the month. After a somewhat stable February we're starting to see some significant selling in the bond market three weeks before the Spring season. Most lenders are being cautious entering the weekend in case th...
Mortgage Updates Before Monday:Late Sunday it was reported by several news outlets that President Trump will hold back on adding new tariffs to Chinese goods due to the significant progress made in recent trade talks with China. While this might be good news for the economy it might push mortgage...
Mortgage Rates In March:With a week left to go in February it's time to start looking towards March and what the direction of mortgage rates might be as we finish out winter and start spring. I think most mortgage industry professionals would agree; we've had a great start to 2019 with respect to...
Today's Reading Has A Big Impact On Bond Markets:What does retail sales have to do with mortgage rates? Once a month there is a Retail Sales report which has the potential to influence mortgage rates. With the recent government shutdown the December report was delayed until this morning and the n...

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