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National Market Analysis Report for the three months ending September 2008. Of the 188 market areas tracked across the U.S., 131 markets (or 69.7 percent) saw a decline in median home values, which is up from 43.6 percent. This further decline in home values continues the downward trend seen in t...
Global Banks Unite in Unprecedented Rate Cuts Ben Bernanke and the Fed brought financial aid to the streets, lowering the Federal Funds Rate and Discount Rate by 0.50%. In an unprecedented emergency move, central banks across the globe joined in lowering interest rates. This move follows Washingt...
It is a great time to buy just about anything in today's market.  Yeah the finances are tightening up with the banks. Yeah the government just spent all of the money that we never knew we even had. Yeah everytime you turn on the news it is ALWAYS NEGATIVE. Well I say so what! Now is the time to b...
Spartanburg - One of America's Top Performing Cities!   Once again, Spartanburg was named one of America's Best Performing Cities by Milken Institute.    The Spartanburg Metropolitan Area was ranked 183 in the annual ranking where the 200 best performing cities are listed. This year's ranking is ...
 Is the Upstate of South Carolina a rare exception to the housing woes that are affecting the rest of the country?  Well if you change the word Upstate to Spartanburg/Greenville area of South Carolina I would have to say YES!!!  The Spartanburg/Greenville area of South Carolina is marching right ...
Hello, hello, hello!   My name is Ray Crotts and this is the first time that I have ever tried to create a blog.  It is actually the first time that I've written anything without an exact purpose since I have been out of school, so no editing allowed :)  I have searched for years to find my calli...

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