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Just had a home inspection on an 1850s farmhouse near Northfield, Vermont.  The community is actually Brookfield, and is an idyllic little area.  Just a handful of houses and a church.  But that's not the point.  That's just the setting. It's written right there on the furnace "Installed 1995".  ...
There aren't too many decent multi-family properties for sale in Montpelier right now.   Some of them are priced so that only owner-occupied situations make sense (i.e., the cash flow is too low for an invesor).  Some of them are priced very competitively, but with 20% down, then closing costs, t...
Guess the High Sale in Barre, Vermont My wife's parents are from Southern California, and in so many ways, it's a different world from ours here in Montpelier and Barre.  There's traffic, the ocean, gigantic malls, etc.  But, as a realtor working my tail off for buyers and sellers in Montpelier a...
Stick Season In Montpelier and Barre I will admit, the phones aren't ringing as steadily, and I'm getting fewer email inquiries about our listings as I did throughout the spring, summer, and early fall...but it's not dead.  Not by a long shot.  Two weeks ago I had three offers come in (2 are acce...
We just had a very interesting experience with a multi-family property in Montpelier, VT.  It gets pretty cold here in the winter, and, with this property there are two furnaces servicing the four units.  Ideally, they'd be split off and have each unit with their own separate heat source, but tha...
Movings and Shakings in Barre, VT Oh, things are happening in the Barre area.  First, Formula Ford in South Barre has merged with Walker Motors on the Barre Montpelier Road.  Looks like they're going to move operations to the old Walker Motors location, which is great for the area because tha rou...
When I was in elementary school, the teachers always seemed to keep the big maps pulled down at the side of the chalkboard.  I stared at those maps more than I should have.  And let's not even get started on the maps in the social studies books.  Westward expansion?  Are you kidding me, I loved i...
Two days before the close, and after not the easiest escrow period, we get another roadblock.   The lender tells the buyer, "Oh, by the way, there's some peeling paint around the windowsill.  That'll need to be fixed before the close." Two days before the close?  Fortunately, our office is quick,...
Deal of the Month in Williamstown, Vermont I don't usually put my listings up on Active Rain, but this is one that gets an exception.  2 bedroom 1 bath saltbox on over an acre of level yard. The basement finishing has been begun, and it could be completed to give more living space, playroom, den,...
The Perfect Time to Buy or Sell a House in Montpelier or Barre Is... There's no one perfect time to buy or sell a house in Montpelier or Barre.  Sorry to disappoint.  It only really matters when it's a good time for you and your family.  In the summer, there are lots more new listings than the fa...

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Vermont's a small state. Central Vermont (Montpelier, Barre, Northfield, U-32) really is a lively and transparent community. We all know someone in common, and I wanted to expand this transparency to a professional real estate oriented community website.