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Last night, after a well-attended Norwich University summer barbecue, several folks headed over to Northfield’s newest establishment—The Knotty Shamrock.  It's on East Street, across from Common off Main Street in Northfield. Hits the Mark After weeks of speculation as to what the newly renovated...
Small Houses in Central Vermont--Special Market Report Did you know that in the last 12 months in Washington County, there have been 101 sales of homes that have 1500 square feet or less of living space? 101 sales. That’s more than the total number of sales in Montpelier, Barre City, Barre Town, ...
There were some great properties on the Barre real estate caravan this morning.  In all, we saw eleven homes for sale in Barre City and in Barre Town.  As you might expect, there were some fixer uppers, some that could use a little cosmetic help, and some in mint condition. There were properties ...
In the 1960s, Vermont’s saw an influx of people moving from other states to “get back to the land”. Some of it was counter-culture, but a lot of it was really just people moving to small farmsteads and satisfying very precise goals. That’s happening again, but for different reasons.  Today, we’re...
This is as much a personal comment as professional.  Last night, my wife and I met with Montpeler-based designer/architect Sandy Vitzthum.  I know, realtors are supposed to have these perfect HGTV houses with cutting edge building material and space maximization.  Yet another difference between m...
What do you need?  What do you want?  I've got it, and if I don't I can get it. Sometimes I feel like a concierge.  I've always thought I'd be bad at that job (come on, like you've never thought about how you'd do as a concierge...), but I'm actually pretty good. Since I'm involved in so many hom...
Stop!  Don't Sue! Most homes for sale in Montpelier and Barre come complete with what's called a Property Information Report.  That's the six page document that gives the seller the opportunity to say what they know about the place.  Has the basement flooded?  Has the boiler been replaced?  How o...
Friday's Tip:  Make sure the key works. I can't tell you how many houses I've visited where the key doesn't work easily. The lights are on, the heat is on, the place shows beautifully, but the key doesn't turn.  Sometimes that's because owners use a different door than the one that's keyed.  For ...
Flooding in Montpelier?  It's not a complete surprise.  I mean, the town is in a valley, and there are two rivers that come together right downtown.  Throw in a late winter bombshell of a snowstorm (I'm hearing reports of up to 30 inches in some areas), warm weather, and a little rain, and guess ...
Friday's Tip:  Be Available Buying a house isn't easy.  Selling a house isn't easy.  I know, you thought I'd try to convince you otherwise. For buyers, the home search adds to an already busy schedule.  Imagine taking everything you normally do in a week, and then looking at a couple houses, sear...

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Vermont's a small state. Central Vermont (Montpelier, Barre, Northfield, U-32) really is a lively and transparent community. We all know someone in common, and I wanted to expand this transparency to a professional real estate oriented community website.