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The Sky will be painted over Wrightsville Beach this weekend with kits! Flyers from all over will be on Wrightsville Beach, in front of Shell Island Resort to fill the sky with color from kites of unbelievable sizes and styles.  Join friends and families and meet new friends while filling the sky...
The Day After Halloween....     Dick Beals
  October Festivals....Day 126 - Wilmington, NC is known for its Fall festivals......if you visit Water Street this morning you will see empty streets and a few tourists mulling around......go back after work and it will be flooded with people.....head out there again tomorrow beginning and 10am ...
Day 125 -----While we have already introduced the Battleship in Wilmington NC.......we are giving you information again!....this is a special event ....50 years ago Oct 2 the battleship made its home in Wilmington, NC on the Cape Fear River....in commemoration of that event....Sunday Oct 2 is a s...
Day 124 - Halyburton Park in Wilmington NC features a Nature Journaling workshop on October 1st starting at 9 a.m.  Spend the first part of the day in the longleaf pine forest on the park grounds, learning about the history, life cycle, and animals of the forest.  Learn how to connect with the fo...
Day 123 - http://ncspotfestival.com/..Don't miss out on the Spot Festival....Fun, Food...don't miss it.  If you love fish, you'll want to be here for the festivities. The fun starts at 10:45 and spots are served at  11am on 9/24 and 9/25 in Hampstead, NC.  Fireworks at 9pm on Saturday after the s...
The East coast Earthquake on August 23, 2011 was felt in Wilmington, NC.  The devastation was minimal, and damage was slight.      "We were lucky and dodged a bullet" said local Realtor Dick Beals as he finished up lunch.  " We hope this weekend's hurricane Irene will be as kind" ....   Dick Beals
Dreamers, ever hear of a Bucket List?  Probably more now that the movie Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman starred in 2007.  Long story short, a couple of guys dying, wished to do some things before that eventful, morbid day.  We used to call it "before I die I want to ......"...
Day 122 - Its not to late to head out this evening to the "Sea Turtle Talk" 7pm at Carolina Beach State Park, 1010 State Park Road on Pleasure Island.  The Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project will have a talk on sea turtles. Bring the whole family  - it's a great event;   Or if you don't want to d...
Day 121 - Every wonder about the Venus Fly Trap?    Wilmington is one of those special places where it grows WILD.   on July 16 take part in the Flytrap Frolic 9-11am at Alderman Elementary Schoold, 2025 Independence Blvd. FREE....get an up close look at these plants in the nature trail behind Al...

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