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Perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of purchasing a condo in Sarasota seems to be the monthly fees. Although condos make more sense, lifestyle-wise, for our seasonal and part-time residents, they are often off-put by the condo fees. But condo fees provide real benefits and often SAVE yo...
My name is Regina, and I am addicted to my computer. I admit it. From my old life as a Director of Marketing for one of the largest corporations in the world - to my current life as an online representative of my Sarasota buyers brokerage - I rely heavily on my computer. I absolutely love the fac...
I have read several blogs (not on ActiveRain) where people are gloating about the real estate mess. These self-proclaimed "experts" have decided they are smarter than other people, and therefore, deserve the right to dismiss and ridicule an entire community of people who are hurting right now. In...
I moved to Sarasota with my life and career intact. Within 2 years, my life had changed to something beyond recognition - I was single mom with sole responsibility - physical and financial - of my children, unemployed and searching for a way. My natural personality is very friendly and outgoing. ...
November 11, 2008 - What a glorious day in Sarasota Florida!!!                   
I am not by nature a gloom and doom person. Even the last few years, although daunting, didn't really discourage me to the point of giving up this business. Why? Because even in a down real estate market, a few things remain. Location. Location. Location. Corny, I know. But have you BEEN to Saras...
Yesterday, while touring a neighborhood with a prospective buyer, she excitedly asked about a certain property. "It's listed at $499K", I responded, without skipping a beat. She inquired how I knew. Well, this home has been on the market for 2 years at the same price. I have looked at it with mul...
It's the same thing every day. Client sees short sale. Client wants short sale because the price is unbelievable. Client makes offer on short sale. Client never gets an answer, only to find the home has been sold months later. Heartbreaking for them. It is my duty as a buyer agent to tell people ...
Ready to hear some Sarasota real estate advice that doesn't sound like a marketing jingle? According to a recent article by Lawrence Yun of the National Association of Realtors, home prices tend to rise with commodity prices. After all, he argues, housing is the ultimate commodity - a house is co...
"Gators and Killers and 'Canes, OH MY!" As a Sarasota real estate buyers agent , I meet alot of people looking to relocate to this idyllic slice of paradise, Sarasota FL. But without fail, they come armed with a bagful of stories and legends regarding the "wild living" here in Florida...  "Is it ...

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