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Random musings of an entrepreneur and CEO who is passionate about helping provide real estate professionals with cutting edge, easy to use software solutions that gets results.
Are you tired of sending out email campaigns that aren’t being opened or receiving any engagement? Furthermore, are you wondering what you can do to increase open rates for future campaigns? Email marketing still has one of the highest engagement rates and returns on investment of any marketing t...
When it comes to customer engagement, first impressions are everything. For most businesses, relationships begin with the all-important email subject line. It’s likely the most important part of the email marketing piece, and often the part people spend the least amount of time thinking about.Let...
Most real estate professionals know the power of websites like and many have used listing syndication sites like But, if you scratch your head when you hear words like Twitter, Facebook, or ActiveRain, you are not alone. Welcome to Web 2.0 and the explosion of social m...
The $8,000 tax credit passed by Congress last winter to stimulate the real estate market is potentially nearing its end on November 30. While Congress and the National Association of Realtors battle over extending the credit, the looming deadline can mean opportunities for proactive real estate a...
Over the past decade, our company has worked with thousands of customers who, in turn, have created tens of thousands of email campaigns targeting clients active in the real estate industry. This article is based on statistical data gathered from our system, including surveys and customer intervi...
This is a video tutorial about how to ensure that your eCampaignPros email marketing flyers get past the SPAM filters and delivered to the inbox
This month we are going to highlight probably the single most important marketing concept, the "call to action".  Simply put, once you have established that you have a have something valuable to offer and that you are the best choice to deliver it, you want to ask the recipient to take the next s...
Best Practices for Sending and Delivery Before You Hit Send, Things to Consider for Maximum Success Does it matter when you send your email marketing pieces? Will that affect how many people read it? How exactly can you track how many people receive and open the email? If you want the greatest Re...
The Art of the Email Flyer Not surprisingly there are best practices that increase your odds of success, both in terms of getting your email through to the intended recipient as well as getting that person to read your email. Now I am going to follow up on my previous post "Why Can’t I Just Send...
Why do you even need to sign up with a company to send out your email marketing? After all, you've collected plenty of email addresses yourself or have found a company that will sell you a list. And you've already paid for software that helps you create flyers. So you're all set, right? The reali...

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