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5 Tips to Prepare for Job Interviews 5 Big Picture Thoughts... 1. You have to sell you. No one else will do it for you. Does this mean boast and brag? Not at all. Remember: Itʼs not bragging if itʼs true. 2. Focus on jobs you really want. One resume wonʼt work for 100 different jobs. Pick the one...
Avoid Being a Victim for Burglars. I came across this interesting infographic in the Washington Post recently called “Anatomy of a Burglary,” which reveals some fascinating statistics about break-ins, including a few ways to protect your valuables and deter thieves.   Some interesting facts:   Mo...
Seven Falls is a hidden treasures in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It's tucked away in the West part of Colorado Springs.  You will enjoy a scenery of South Cheyenne Canyon. The waterfall is 181 foot drop, cascading down seven distinct steps. A mountain elevator will take you up to experience a be...
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a Must see! It's the only mountain Zoo! You will experience a breathtaking scenery of Colorado Springs and enjoy an interaction with more than 750 animals around the World. You can feed our world-famous giraffe herd (the largest in the Zoo); wonder around the Zoo with a s...
Find your dream home for sale in Woodland Park, CO Woodland Park, CO offers a variety of opportunities to find your dream home for sale.  To find your dream home for sale you have to have some personalized idea of what you are looking for.  If you ask my advice, the ability to find your dream hom...
Hello! My name is Irina Riley and I am a real estate professional in the majestic state of Colorado.  I specialize in: First Time Home Buyers/Sellers Colorado Rural Properties Military/Colorado Relocation VA Short Sales Specialist Second Homes Colorado Unique Homes Horse Properties I work full ti...
A common complaint I hear from home owners is “How do I stop junk mail?”  This is especially true for new home owners who find they’re bombarded by catalogs and advertisements intended for the previous owners.   Not only is eliminating junk mail a personal convenience, but it’s also good for the ...
I showed several properties recently to my out-of-state clients. When we entered one of them, on the kitchen it was a freshly-baked cookies with a note: "Please, enjoy these cookies while looking at our house and come back for more with an offer." It was cute. Definitely the house to remember.   
Living next door to someone doesn’t make you a neighbor.  It makes you an adjacent homeowner.  One of the great opportunities we have in our communities is the chance to build real, meaningful relationships with the people who live closest to us.   While I understand the desire for privacy, I thi...
Several months ago I was contacted by one of the sales representatives from He offered me several products which were supposed to generate more leads for me due to better internet exposure. Well, it didn't. So I called yesterday and was trying to cancel them and was out of luck, beca...

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