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Over the last several months we’ve been doing our best to provide you with a taste of the kind of up to date, quality information and techniques you can expect to find in the book Be A Real Estate Heavyweight. We’ve covered many aspects such as Tax Lien investing, entity structuring, taxes, owne...
When I first started getting into real estate investing years ago, my enthusiasm for learning the business couldn't have been higher. I started researching and learning all I could. I planned and then revised how I wanted my business to operate, I reviewed my local markets and talked to local inv...
When faced with setting up their business for the first time, some people will say "can't I just run my business as a Sole Proprietor?" Well sure, but there are significant disadvantages to this. For example, it has been shown that sole proprietors are about 10 times more likely to be audited by ...
The most comprehensive real estate book ever to be published is getting released May 15th! Now is the time to invest in real estate, and this guide will help you supercharge your business. On May 15th, get the 1st two chapters free!
If you are looking at holding rental properties over the long-term as a tool for wealth building, than you need to develop your landlording skills properly if you expect to last for any length of time in this business. There are certain priorities you need to focus on and master, the first of whi...
So how do you find good investment deals? Do you send out bulk mail to the zip codes you want to invest in? Do you perhaps use Craigslist ads to get sellers to call you? All these are good ways of generating leads, but you shouldn't forget to look at a very obvious source for good leads either: t...
"There just aren't any buyers out there anymore." How many times have you heard that? If you been in this business more than a couple of weeks, you've probably heard it, or maybe even said it yourself. While it's true that in some areas of the country have slowed down a bit, there are still ways ...
Many people who get into real estate investing are looking to it as a way of replacing their current 9 to 5 job. The common thing heard is "I need to reach the point where it pays me the same as my current salary." Anyone can dabble in real estate investing and hope to make some money. But actual...
Would you like to get between 15% and 50% interest on a low risk and low maintenance investment? Would you like to be guaranteed either a favorable return on the money you invested or deeded rights to the real property secured by the investment? Would you like to have these opportunities even if ...
If you've ever negotiated a short sale, you know how frustrating, at times infuriating, and time consuming they can be. You can spend hours on the phone and days or weeks negotiating with a lender and still not close the deal. If you do somehow get the deal negotiated, the lender stiffs you with ...

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