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Staying in town this August long weekend? No invites to the cottage? Wondering what to do for entertainment? If great ribs, free admission, no cover charge and lots of family fun sounds appealing, you'll want to drop by Scarborough Rotary Ribfest. Be sure to bring your appetite! Yes, some of Nort...
I like spiders. In fact, I'm quite the fan of their work. Just check out those webs, and you can see the work of an artist, an architect, a mathematician and an engineer. That's a LOT of talent in such an itsy bitsy package. But the thing that really impresses me is that the spider never (well, r...
Welcome to my mid-month activity report for the Toronto 2008 real estate market. Brief and to the point, it's my virtual flip chart of the numbers Toronto buyers and sellers can use to make good real estate decisions. If interested, a more detailed statistical breakdown can be found on the Toront...
It must be difficult to walk the tightrope, non? Far above the crowds, all eyes expectantly trained on you as you walk the thin wire. Fighting for your balance, knowing that the slightest hesitation or lack of confidence will send you tumbling to the ground. Knowing there's always someone that ho...
Ten years ago, if you'd told me I'd have to take off my shoes in order to go through security at the airport, well, I wouldn't have believed you. In fact, I might have placed a call to your family and made some discrete inquiries regarding your state of mind. Now, it's an accepted part of the air...
Years ago, my phone was located where I could easily see it when I walked in the front door. I could see immediately if there were messages waiting, and I quickly became trained to look for the red blinking light first thing in the door. How did that blinky light become so important? Why was my d...
So you're thinking about moving to Toronto. It can be tough just moving to another neighbourhood, let alone another city. Knowing a little something about your destination can be extremely helpful in either making the decision, or smoothing the transition. And we all know that good information le...
According to the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, an epiphany can be "a moment of sudden and great revelation". I LOVE the word. I love the idea that sudden, profound insight into the essence or meaning of some "something" can be triggered by unremarkable events and experiences. Or everday life...
Did you happen to catch the local news last Friday evening? If so, you've probably heard about the Toronto home owner who is trying to sell his Toronto Riverdale house that is listed for one dollar. That's right, one dollar. This story caught my amused attention, not because I haven't seen this "...

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