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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



When I first became eligible for AARP I was excited about receiving some of the discounts I had heard of. I guess I did not put two and two together, and now I'm a little embarrassed. It only makes sense that if you (I) am looking for discounts (handouts) from a company that specializes in them t...
My first post on Active Rain had to do with the Oil Boom and other major growth factors in Minot North Dakota as well as many posts since. I've been boasting what a great opportunity for those of us living in this little City of 32,000 that is expected to double in size with-in the next 5 years. ...
My blog about my 1991 Mercury Sable Station Wagon (a definite gas hog at 20 mpg) caused more then a little stir a month or so ago. Actually it started with someone Else's blog asking about their super gas saving model that uses less gas due to it's super-size rubber band or something. My opinion ...
Shame on ME!My brother has mentioned a few times over the last couple of times that he may move out of State when he retires. Shame on Me for not telling him a few things about listing his home. My brother lives about 300 miles away so I did not expect him to list his place with me, BUT how stupi...
Knowing your market is not only a must for full time agents but if you are a part-time agent you need to keep up on the market for your sellers, your buyers, and for your own income.  I have mentioned in previous entries that I live in a unique market at this time. Oil has been discovered under N...
A friend of mine made a deal with a contractor on a townhouse. The long and short of it is that the deal fell through because he did not meet the closing dead line and a couple other minor things the two agreed on. He gave her back her deposit but refuses to compensate her for expenses she encure...
I am curious about your feelings on this topic if you are a Buyer or a Real Estate Professional. In North Dakota we Realtors do NOT have to disclose if there has been a violent death in a home. If you are a home buyer do you want to know if there has been a murder or suicide in the home you are c...
I remember when I lived in the Red River Valley and beat harvest would come. Folks from all walks of life would take two weeks off on their regular jobs just to collect the big money paid to beat truck drivers. While the Oil Boom out West here is a little different with people needed for far long...
If you want to work then you need to head move UP to Minot North Dakota. We are way short of employees for every occupation (except Real Estate professionals) in Minot so if you have clients that are looking for good paying jobs please tell them that we need them up here in Minot.Here is the sena...

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