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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



For months now I've been telling you that there is more oil under North Dakota then in Saudi Arabia. I'm sure that the typical response out there is "yea right". Please take a look at the article this link leads to: Rocken The Bakken . Note this quote: "The U.S. Geological Survey calls (the Bakke...
We all know that sex seems to be used to sell everything. I've seen several posts on Active Rain this last week about being "sexy" in Real Estate and of course my favorite was the post with the Hottie that came with the house (even if one contributer deemed her demonic looking").But what about th...
Be on the ball and get ready for the new .com explosion. You snooze, you loose. It has been announced that the powers to be will soon let YOU decide what YOUR extension will be. Start thinking because some people will make a ton of money on registering new names. Remember the extension can be wha...
10 years ago, 06/10/2018About this time last year I purchased one of those car canopy's you can pick up for about $100.00 and then for about another $75.00 you can purchase the sides kit. I was having some work done on my home which included removing my little old garage that was obviously made f...
Have you ever received that phone call? I've had many from various lead generators. The first time it happened I signed up... got nothing. Yesterday I received one from someone claiming to be from Google or Yahoo, can't remember which. I told the young lady I was way to busy. With the Oil Boom he...
When you are going to list a Fixer-Upper how much work should you put into it? I am listing a house that 6 months ago, before the Oil Boom here, would have listed for about $40,000.. Today, thanks to the Oil Boom and the expansion of The Minot Air Force Base, this house will sell for double that....
Yesterday I made a post titled DO IT YOURSELF SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . It did not include instructions and the first site listed has changed it's agenda. I have corrected all this and now I think you will find it much more useful. I will continue to add to that post so if you are intere...
UPDATE 06/27/2008 Once again I want to emphisize that the SEO companies below have really helped me  but you will get a lot of email that you can read and learn more or just delete. You can also opt out of the mailings. While each one of them will submit your site to hundreds of search engines do...
If you are looking for a professional looking, ad free, web site may I suggest MSN Live. I use Microsoft Office Live which is free and advertisment free. They have many templates and they do a wonderful job of tracking statistics with it. I find it very easy to use but I will admit I know more th...
I Hate Cats! Or Maybe I Hate Cat Owners I just can not understand how otherwise seemingly intellegent people can ignore stinky kitty litter boxes. I have yet to meet a single cat owner who is NOT in denile tha...

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