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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Yes it gets cold up here but for heavens sake it's not cold year around. I'm sure no matter where you live you get some pretty crazy questions. Most often I'm asked if it ever warms up in North Dakota. The answer is of course, YES! Our springs are a little slow to come around, like late April to ...
Every website, every blog, and every agent out there is going to tell you how wonderful they are and ask you to "consider" them. I want you to "consider" this: If you want to list a house make sure you have made up your mind as to if you want to sell or if you want to stay. If you are looking fo...
We just completed the 2nd day of our 2008 Realtor Convention of the Dakotas. Even though it's not over yet I have to give a "Hat's Off" to Scott Louser as program Chair and all the folks that helped him pull this off. Normally I'm the last one to look forward to CE (more precisely sitting on my b...
This weekend I had the good fortune to meet the beautiful and gracious Alayne Okland, Executive Director of The 2nd Story Club. I met Alayne like I've met a whole lot of people, at a rummage sale. I almost passed up this rummage sale because it was a downtown address in the heart of the business ...
I'm embarrassed to say I'm a Minnesota boy. Last night was the last straw. I'm going to start claiming Arizona as my State of preference. Many of you reading this know I live in North Dakota (Minot to be exact) but I was born and raised in Minnesota. So whats the fuss about? I've been a Vikings f...
My mother gave me a great appreciation for the Fine Arts. She, Sofia, was very active in Fargo and she was the President and Manager of The Fargo Fine Arts Club House. Her love for the Arts gave all us "kids" the same appreciation she had. Although my oldest brother is a physiologist he is a very...

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