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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



I'm sure this has been around the block many times but I want all my local blog readers to see it because it is Sooo on the money. Your House As Seen By:Yourself... Your  Buyer... Your  Lender... Your  Appraiser... Your County's Tax Assessor... I think that about says it all! Bob Timm, Oak Park R...
I've been on a rant for 9 months now that if you are taking part in the economic downturn there is no reason to. For 9 months I've been preaching that we need employees for absolutely everything, except maybe Realtors ;) in Western North Dakota. If you are a family man about to loose your home wo...
I have been in contact with my favorite plumber just a little to often lately but this last time I have no doubt will save me money and be good for my "Go Green" image as well. Larry had recently replaced a furnace and water heater in a rental of mine. As I was pointing out the work that needed t...
Things just keep getting better in Western north Dakota. If you are wondering if I'm being ficious here I am NOT. If you are a regular reader of this blogg you know that while much of the country is in economic woes Western North Dakota has been Booming like no other part of our nation.  1st of a...
Their Here! Millions and millions of snowflakes that is. It's our first snow storm of this winter season and it certainly is a mess. I'm making this post in an effort to help all the NEW folks in Minot due to our Air Force Base as well as all the Texans up here working on our oil boom. Watching t...

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