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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Post Flood Photos, Pre Re-Construction. 5 weeks after the start of the flood. Remember that they (The Corp of Engineers) deliberately held the water to the peak height of the flood for over two weeks, thus we could only get to our homes for the 1st time just a little over a week ago. This is what...
Another Open Letter about the Minot Flooding. Hi Barbara,This whole ordeal has been much tougher then any of us affected could ever imagine. There is still no information on the tough questions we all have to deal with and in fact more and more tough questions keep coming up. Some examples of wha...
Oh Man! Where Is That Package??? Hi everybody! First my apology for being so absent. Losing your home, your business, and your rental property has a tendency to keep you very busy. Big things like not being homeless and living on the street. Making plans on how/where to build or re-build. Trying ...
I Saw My House Yesterday! Now What?  Yesterday was the 1st day I was actually able to get to my house in over three weeks. It took a lot of round-about driving to get there but I actually got to. Today, after worship, I will be heading over to stick a pump in the basement window and start to drai...
I've Been Keeping A Messy Office Lately You know I haven't been in the office for over three weeks now, so I'm cleaning it out! Here is my current filing system. Isn't it nice the way the cleaning crew took such care to place things in a fashion that I could inspect my belongings? When I finally ...
What Does A Flooded Home Look Like? I have been eagerly awaiting to get my first look at one of my three flooded properties. The water was up to the ceiling in my home and we still can not get any closer then two blocks away to look at it. It has now been three weeks. The water is now down to abo...
This open letter to all my friends was prompted by the most recent letter of concern I had received from AR friend Kristine. Like many of you, Kristine is more then just a face on AR, she is a true friend. 07/10/2011 Kristine,Thank you so much for thinking of me and my family. The whole flood exp...
GOSH, I Hope This Headline WRONG! Please note the sign to the right of the Movie marquee. The river crested a few days ago and has dropped about 2 feet at this point. This is the first time I've seen my office since the mandatory evacuation. That evacuation will most likely be in place another m...
I was thinking of the David Bowie song Changes as I reviewed this picture I had just taken minutes ago. There are many more changes ahead in my families life, and 4,000 or more other families lives who lost their homes to this flood, then we could ever begin to guess. We are left wondering just w...
First of all I want to say thanks to everone on here that is supporting Bob through this massive disaster so he and his family can get through this matter. I too, am in the same boat as Bob here when he talks about the flood here, although Bob has suffered more loss/damage than I have. When I spo...

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