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Free Music, A Nice Little Bonus! I love those little individual serving pecan pies. I picked up a four pack the other day at a bread thrift store. This was on the box. I liked the music well enough that I want to share it with you. The pies were pretty good to but they are gone now so sorry I can...
My Naked House Here are some pictures I just snapped in the last hour of my naked house. OK, so it's not totally naked. The rest of the stucco should be gone by the end of the week. Here are some shots of the inside now that it's "cleaned up". The guys (my contractor and his men) hope to have it ...
Pack Ratism Can Be Cured! Wikipedia Pack Rat (click on pic to link) My name is Bob and I am a pack rat. I hoard tools, vintage electronics, and things that I will sell on eBay someday. I owned, no less then, 12 tool boxes. I had to have a fully loaded tool box in every car, in my house, in my off...
My Mini-Vacation Last week I decided to just get away from it all. Living in the middle of a disaster area, having lost my home, my office, my investment property, and much of our personal belongings, it's been hard to concentrate on much of anything other then the flood that took all of it away....
Hi everyone this is John, Bob's associate in Realestate. I wanted to say thanks alot to Bob Timm for helping me out recently. When the massive flood came here it took alot from all of us, not just our places where we lived, it took our pride in what we had and took our "comfort zone" zone away. I...