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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Minot ND Is Pet Friendly  I have been asked if Minot North Dakota is a "Pet Friendly" community. Click on Titus The Bee above for my little video presentation. Minot is pet friendly (as long as you have a friendly pet). ALL pets are required to be on a leash when out side of the home or out side ...
Why Not Minot? When I made this little video a few minutes ago I was surprised that there were so many videos with the same title on You Tube. Good quality videos. Mine is not. I actually made this video just to see if I could make a video. OK, hope this works. If not I will remove it in a jiffy....
I'M RECEIVING SHOCK TREATMENT...No Surprise To Many.   While visiting with my secretary, a fairly recent transplant from Florida, I asked her if she was familiar with static shocks. I assumed that Florida most likely never is dry enough to go through the winter ritual we do up North here of deali...
WHY I WORE A SNOWMOBILE SUIT TO WORK TODAY I do not own a snowmobile, I have not owned one since the 1970's, but living in North Dakota I can not imagine not owning a snowmobile suit. The thing about a snowmobile suit is that even if you wear only your underware, socks, and a T-shirt underneath i...
A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL I'm sure all of us that have firm moral beliefs and who believe in Heaven and Hell have seen or have heard of acts that make us think or say "There must be a special place in Hell for people like that". The following comments are serious but also on the light hearted side ...
AFFORDABLE HOUSING IS TIGHT BUT.... The photo above is not altered in any way! However I do not know the true purpose of the modification to this box car. It sits on a track near my home where some old and dilapidated rail cars may sit for a year or more. I can assure you this: if CP Rail (the ow...
Ohhh Doggies! Sorry about the quality of the photos but it was so bright I had to just point and shoot without looking through the view finder. These Sun Dogs were really outstanding. Sun Dogs are caused by ice crystals. They always are parallel to the sun. It has always been my understanding tha...

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