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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Sometimes A Name Just Doesn't Fit!I was going to make this a rant but after watching some You tube videos I'm not as sure as I was about this company being the dendrolatry Satan I suspected it to be. I'm talking about a large multi-state firm called Wright Tree Service. I wish to avoid being as s...
WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE If you were out early this evening in Minot you may have expected to hear Darth Vader's booming voice welcoming you to the dark side.This front rolled in very fast and also exited very fast but not before dumping a lot a rain in a very little area and a whole lot of thund...
AGAINST ALL ODDSAgainst All Odds It would seem to be an outright miracle that this plant is alive, much less thriving. Growing threw the minutest of cracks in a cement floor, inside a building, and with no know source of water. I think we have all known or heard inspiring stories of people who, l...
FREE TV IN MINOT NORTH DAKOTAIf you are like me you like FREE things. Free food would top the list but this post is about FREE TV in Minot ND.We do not pay for TV in our home because there is just to much crap out there on pay TV that we do not wish to expose ourselves or our kids to.We do not pa...
DADFEST 2015 Minot NDPlease accept my apology for not posting this before the event instead of after. I knew this event was coming for at least two weeks and I had already decided that I and my family would attend. I hope you will put it on your calendar for 2016.Dadfest is the brainchild and lab...
Can A Realtor Work With A For Sale By Owner?Many home buyers today are confused as to how to deal with a For Sale By Owner, also known as a FSBO.Will working with the home owner directly save me money?Can I have my Realtor contact the home owner and continue to work for me?There are a thousand an...
Minot Real Estate 101, What Are Dead Loops?When driving in the Valley area you will see the Mouse River but there are other bodies of water that look like a river but are actually "Dead Loops".After the historic flooding of the Mouse River in 1969 many steps were taken to prevent such a flood fro...
Is Your IQ Zero?I believe the Government thinks so.  Yesterday I was at a daycare and I saw this poster. It states specifically that this is for ADULTS! If any of the information below is news to you then you may not want to fess up to that fact.You can see at the bottom of the poster it mentions...
Shirley Bicentennial Park AKAScandinavian Heritage Park, Minot NDThis Minot ND Park is an oasis in the midsection of Minot's main street, Broadway. Now I don't mean it's in the middle of the street, I mean it's at the heart of town, just South of Downtown. You will see from the pictures why it is...
        Shirley Bicentennial Park AKAScandinavian Heritage Park, Minot ND  

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