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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



The Snow Has Been Flying In Minot ND WOW! We went from unseasonably high temps to below normal in record time this week.The snow has been flying as our temps have been hovering around the freezing mark.It's been very light, dry snow so very little has accumulated but none the less in cracks and c...
FOG, Nothing Romantic About Dying In it!Fog can be romantic if you are walking hand in hand with your lover down a familiar street but there is nothing romantic about dying in a car crash because of foggy conditions.One may be surprised at how often we have fog in Western ND in the fall but it is...
Can You Identify This Pine? This tree is very unusual in our area, in fact this is the only one I'm aware of in Minot. In the summer it has soft green needles, in the fall they turn yellow as it is pictured, and it sheds it's needles in the winter. National    
BOO at the Minot ND Roosevelt Park ZooToday was the annual Boo at the Zoo for the Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot ND. I wish I would have got the word out earlier but now that my kids are to old to participate I totally forgot until our street rapidly filled up with costumed children and adults. It w...
Minot North Dakota's BEST Mexican FoodObviously when we are talking about food personal preference is going to be very biased and when I reveal what I consider to be  the best Mexican food in Minot ND a whole lot of people will disagree. I also want to point out that I am talking food here NOT re...
Minot Lost One Of It's BestLarry SundbakkenI was shocked to read in today's paper at the passing of Larry Sundbakken. It was only a brief statement that he passed away at the age of 68. Larry was one of the "Good Guys" in this industry. He was a Broker Associate/Co-Owner at Signal Realtors here i...
Call Before You Fax... Yes I Said FaxToday I canceled my dedicated Fax line. While it's tempting to put the old fax machine in the back room along with other electronic dinosaurs we really should be keeping them around a bit longer.The thing about Fax's are they can NOT be hacked. They are still ...
SCAMS, SHAMS AND FLIMFLAMS!The North Dakota Office of Attorney General puts out a nice "pocket sized" spiral bound publication called SCAMS, SHAMS AND FLIMFLAMS! It's approximately 75 pages and has a lot of good information for everyone. It covers everything from bad contractors, internet scams, ...
My Worst Final Walk - Through I have been asked to remove this post by the Sellers Agent and their Broker because they find it slanderous even though no names have been mentioned. They also feel it is bad for the industry to reveal that we had a problem with the transaction. I feel it is good for...

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