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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



It's The Time Of Year To Feed The...SQUIRRELS!If you are new to "Bird Feeding" you will find this to be a familial scene once you set up your bird feeder. It might make you smile or it might make you mad to see this uninvited guest at your feeder. If it makes you mad there are ways to outsmart a ...
It's That Time Of Year To Feed... the SQUIRRELS!      
It's That Time Of Year To Feed TheSQUIRRELS                   
Bob and the Drone, Rounds 2 and 3Success and Defeat!Success: I got the drone to do a fairly steady hoover for at least 10 seconds and I got it to take some pics and a video. (video below)Defeat: Aside from the typical crashes I got it stuck HIGH up in a tree and in the process I broke the drone. ...
Day One, the drone wins the battle of the wits.Here is what I learned on my 1st day as a drone pilot.1) Owning a drone and reading the directions does not qualify you as a drone pilot.2) Being an adult does not qualify you as a drone pilot.3) They are serious when they say "do not try this indoor...
We need a new "Pre-Disposal"For the second time in about a month I've had to clear out everything under the kitchen sink and take apart the plumbing.The problem seems to be that our garbage disposal is not grinding things up fine enough for the remains to make clear sailing past the "T" where the...
Thanksgiving GamesThanksgiving was always one of my favorite holidays as a kid, not because of the food but because of the games. Although I was always first in line for the pumpkin pie.Our family was big on card and board games. Monopoly was always a must. Rummy Royal, Kings in the corner, even ...
ND Bird Hunting 1941Here is what I notice on this vintage picture: #1) The date with the snow on the ground and yet there are leaves on the bushes. That is unusual even for North Dakota. #2) Where are these guys hunting, notice the bird house in the upper right hand side of the picture?Well, they...
Men With Guns in North Dakota While going through a box of old photographs in my office (cleaning time) I ran across this old black and white of a deer hunting party that I assume was taken in the 1950's. It must have been taken at this time of year as I believe deer gun season ends this week.If ...
 I'm Thankful for My Friend Who Taught Me About BalanceAbout 30 years ago, as a new "Born Again" Christian I found myself church shopping. I had become friends with a pastor through a hobby or some mutual interest and I decided to find out more about his church, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church M...

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