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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Here is some great information for Native Americans in our market to purchase a home. With the great prosperity we are seeing in the Bakken Oil area many Native Americans in Western North Dakota have their first real opportunity to build or purchase their first home. Many thanks to Garrett Dunka...
BIG OIL, BIG THINKING IN THE BAKKEN With oil prices taking a dive there is all kind of stories going on in the Bakken oil field of Western North Dakota. Many locals are painfully aware of two previous Oil Boom and busts, the most recent bust having happened in the 1980's. Many "old times" have b...
GOD IS NOT A CHEESE HEAD??? Really? I'm always amazed when after a big game they interview the winning players and they babble on how "God was with us". Such was the response after the Packers/Sea Hawks game when some of the Sea Hawks players were interviewed. Really... God loves the Sea Hawks p...
Oil Prices are Affecting Minot Housing   Wait and see is the attitude most home buyers seem to have in The Minot area with the surprise dip in oil prices of late. With the price per barrel half what it was just a couple of months ago many buyers are proceeding with caution. They may be well rewa...
Subs on Subs??? Sometimes you just want to ask the ridicules questions... like do they eat subs on subs? I will admit that on occasion I get writers block when posting to my blog. When I do I often just go through my large collection of royalty free clip art and see if anything jogs lose a blog ...
Up Coming Performance Arts In Minot The arts are alive and well in Minot North Dakota. Minot State University brings many opportunities to the art lover, our Art museum (The Taube), The Mouse River Players, and so much more. One of the best places to find everything art in Minot is The Minot Are...
Was John Hanson the 1st US President?   I had a little extra time last night and picked a book of the shelf called "2201 FASCINATING FACTS" by David Louis. It's yellowed pages were quite entertaining because many of the fascinating facts were so out of date, facts like there is (was) two radios ...
I Am NOT 14 Days Late, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't get the pic to link so try this. Today is New Years day on the Julian calendar which predates the Gregorian calendar that we are used to. This would be the date that Orthodox Christians celebrate New Years. Click on the link under the "FYI" to get t...
It's STEPHEN FOSTER Memorial Day In The USA   Even as a Yankee from Minnesota / North Dakota I learned some tunes from musician songwriter Stephen Foster. Today is Stephen Fosters Memorial Day in the USA. I remember singing (most folks even when I was a young child would not call what I did/do a...
Love Him or Hate Him, It's His 64th Birthday.   Few people are as polarizing as Rush Limbaugh but then again love him or hate him he has changed the world like few men have without ever firing a shot. Personally I am grateful for his show sparking political awareness in me and many, many others....

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