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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



I've noticed that most everyone I talk to lately has Spring Fever. We were spoiled by exceptional temperatures for a couple of weeks and now that things have turned cold everyone wants those warm temps back. It's Spring Fever!Well, I admit that I'm starting to get the fever myself BUT I won't rea...
I don't have 26 helpers to make a team of 27. I have enough helpers you will think your in heaven. I'd love to put this all in rhyme but I havn't thought it through, nor have I the time.Know where I'm going with this, let me tell you Mr and Miss.As your Realtor I am here to help you with much mor...
18 days ago I wrote a post about what a bunch of phony hypocrites the DAPL protesters are saying they care about the environment. I ranted about the fact that they left tons of garbage, debris, and human waste behind in an environmentally sensitive area that will flood into Lake Oahe, the area th...
We had 3 closings again this week in our very narrow category of stick-built single family homes within the City limits of Minot (Just for the record I’m going to say I’m very surprised at the sluggish pace we have experienced so far this year. This should be a real “heads up” to Sellers. If you ...
If you thought I was talking about sobriety guess again.Tonight the family went out to diner to celebrate 5 years of being back in our home after it was devastated by the flood of 2011.Flood waters ran through our home and a couple thousand others for a full month before the water subsided and re...
On today's podcast I visit with local contractor Mark Haugen .Mark is a "Local Boy" who has been involved in construction for about 25 years. Mark Haugen specializes in interior trim work but will do other work when he is not booked up on trim work.It was a delight to interview Mark Haugen and I ...
When I went to the music store to purchase a microphone cord I learned something that surprised me. The person who waited on me said that they frequently run out of the items I was inquiring about because "everybody is doing podcasts these days".Really!I find that odd.With YouTube and other video...
The paper work is complete now it's time to take the pictures and post it to the MLS.Nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath end unit with double garage handycap accessable condo in a most convienient SW location.Just blocks away from Dakota Square Mall as well as several strip malls, resturants, motels and more....
It was no surprise to anyone who has ever had a student at Minot's Sunnyside Elementary School that Principal Cindy Cook was honored by winning the 2016 - 2017 National Distinguished Principal Award.Cindy is just a wonderful person to know, always upbeat, always concerned about making sure her st...
Spring has appeared about 1-1/2 months early in Minot ND. Of course anyone who has lived in North Dakota a decade or two knows this is most likely a "dirty trick" just to get our hopes up. We have had many a blizzard in early April in these parts BUT the thaw is appreciated as it lessons the chan...

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