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This is my final market report as this is my final day as a licensed Realtor. I am going into semi retirement and will no longer have access to MLS market data to make these reports.08/31/2018This week there were 20 homes sold (closed) in this very narrow category of stick built, single family ho...
I took a really long walk this evening after eating way, way to much. I've got to learn that Ruby Tuesday's salid bar is enough and not to order a burger with it.I thought I'd share a couple of pictures from the walk with you. As I crossed over the river I noticed a couple of turtles enjoying the...
NUTSIt's a common scene this time a year in our neighborhood and much of Minot.Walking through Minot's parks and through several neighborhoods is a crunchy situation these days. Today was a calm day but when there is a breeze it rains acorns (this goes on for about 3 weeks).
Slothalon"We're not the running type. We're the slow-and-only-if-there's-an incentive type"While I was racing across the country this weekend I missed the perfect event... Slothalon!Forget the 5K, 10K, and what ever races. Sign me up for the .5K (that's point five) Slothalon! This event starts at...
Some where in my drive between Milwaukee and Minot yesterday I was listening to a very interesting talk show featuring a female Christian comedian.She shared several personal stories of grief and dealing with grief but she said one thing that really stood out to me. She said:"People say women are...
08/26/2018This week there were 12 homes sold (closed) in this very narrow category of stick built, single family homes located in the City limits of Minot. A look at the Red chart below shows there were 28 closings overall to include all properties in our MLS. Of the homes that closed this week t...
Here is something I learned about myself over the last couple of days... I can still drive all day like an 18 year old BUT I don't want to!Friday, 3AM my daughter and I headed off to Milwaukee expecting to get there by 4:PM that afternoon.850 miles one way. HOWEVER after the 1st 100 miles we link...
Believe it or not this is a picture of a butterfly.... well it was supposed to be but some time between my pushing the shutter button and the click of the lens the butterfly must have gotten bored and left the scene.I was disappointed but the more I looked for that butterfly the more I realized I...
The first 50 books have been printed and now we are off to the races to market it. In just one day it's been a real whirlwind of activity. I won't bore you with the details but in one day we set up a newspaper interview, 2 book signings, visited with a publisher and more. We also sold 6 books wit...
I've always referred to this subdivision as Cottonwood Circle and it was not until composing this report that I realized that the actual name is "The Cottonwoods". One of my closest friends live in The Cottonwoods and this is a subdivision I've always thought I'd be very comfortable living in.   ...

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