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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Rising to the challenge Lisa Von Domek has put before us, Sliding Into The 4th Quarter Holiday Challenge, I've put together my thoughts on holiday marketing.Starting with HalloweenNo need to loose your head while house hunting, just loose the agent who doesn't listen to your needs!When you work w...
One the radio broadcast of Minot Today my guest is Louis (Mac) McLeod, Executive Director of the Minot Coalition, Inc.. What a timely subject! The homeless in Minot ND are not as visible as they are in many other cities but they are here. Learn what you can do to help those in need in our communi...
If you have been in Real Estate long, especially property management, chances are you have seen holes in the wall caused by an individual with anger management problems. A fellow Minot ND Realtor had to share this picture with me... it kind of tops them all.The plaque is a little hard to read but...
This home is very close to the model home that serves as my office. I've appreciated their "garden yard" all summer and I have to say THIS IS CURB APPEAL!I actually walked over just to photograph the maple tree being we have so few trees that have changed to red this fall. I wanted to capture thi...
If you are home shopping, or maybe even have a home purchase in the works, the worst thing you can do is to go out and buy a car. If you do the chances of the lender calling off your home purchase are pretty good. That being said, if you are NOT purchasing a home, right now is a GREAT time to pur...
With the BIG boys out of business (Toy's R Us and Kay Bee Toys) where do you find cool and unique toys in Minot North Dakota???  Natures nook Children's Toys & Books is where your treasure is.You will find Nature's nook on North Hill at 1700 21st Ave. NW, Suite B Minot NDTimmothy's 2nd book signi...
I do a lot of bragging about our local news paper the Minot Daily News. One feature I've wanted to post about but have never gotten around to is a feature they do at least once a month called AP (Associated Press) Photo's. AP has a website full of interesting photos and you can find it here http:...
If you missed Timmothy's first book signing last Saturday we hope you will come see him this Saturday at Nature's nook Children's Toys & Books at 1700 21st Ave, NW Suite B (next to Caribou Coffee) Minot ND. Timmothy will be personalizing and signing books as well as demonstrating his craft by wri...
Sometimes you have to build a wall... or you won't get a certificate of occupancy. That's the case with one of the homes I'm helping out with as the Project Coordinator for Tivoli Custom Homes in Minot North Dakota. Of course this was not a surprise to us as we knew this to be the case before we ...
I pass this sign every time I take a walk to Roosevelt Park and I always picture Joe Camel but I thought it would be fun to see what other charictors I might find on the internet. Much to my surprise when I searched "smoking animals" Joe Camel didn't even come up. Here are a couple of charictors ...

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