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I HATE PAINTING!No ifs, and, or buts about it, painting is my least favorite chore. However I'd rather "man-up" then pay an outrageous amount for such a simple task.The new office space I just leased this week is/was in desperate need of paint so Tina, Timmothy, and I put on our worst clothes and...
Great News! The Souris Valley Sabre Dogs will be returning to Corbett Field in the Spring of 2019. General Manager Darrell Handelsman returns to Minot Today to tell us some very exciting news for 2019. If you did not catch a Sabre Dogs game last year you really missed out but there will be MORE f...
The OddWho would have thought that the last minute $4.00 stocking stuffer I purchased for my wife would be the biggest hit of Christmas? I purchased this silly sound machine thinking she could use it with her elementary (special needs) students to get their attention when they were uncooperative....
We took the second half of our Christmas lights tour this evening. Tonight we drove for an hour and a half around North Minot. There were some nice displays but I was a little disapointed that there were no traditional displays with JUST the nativity. Disney and Schults seemed to have made big he...
Even on holidays I'm an early riser. I'm usually up before 6:00 AM and if I ever sleep past 7 I must be deathly ill so it's no surprise that as usual I was up and about making preparations for this beautiful Christmas day.I think I'm just as excited as I was when I was a six year old and here I a...
I posted my entry into Carol Williams , December Challenge 2018: What Inspires You, early on. If you have not then go check it out HERE. Although you only get bonus points once I've posted several times about what inspires me. This is just one more....We had a wonderful worship service this morni...
Tina's home! That always means one thing for sure, a one hour family drive around town. In the summer it means looking at new construction, in the winter we go check out the lights. Tonight we covered the South end of Minot. Only one home truely stood out above the rest. Not a Grizwald home but o...
Last night we made our annual pilgrimage through Oak Park for the Sertoma Club's light festival. There is a $5.00 charge per car and it is well worth it as there is about 40 displays to see.Night photography shot out of a moving car window is not the best but out of about 50 shots I got a few wor...
Friday's radio broadcast of Minot Today features my mechanic, Ken Frederick, owner of Magic City Auto & Truck Repair, LLC. Ken has decades of auto repair service and recently (two years ago) opened his own shop. I hope you will listen in to his practical advice. Minot Today is broadcast over the ...
Here are four more pictures Timmothy has taken of his guinea pig, Hershey. These can also be seen on his Timmothy Timm FaceBook page.I hope you like Timmothy's greetings. Timmothy is 17 years old and has been writing about two fictional guinea pigs (Titus & Philemon) for about 4 years now. He has...

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