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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



The word WITNESS brings up all kinds of images in our heads but for a Notary Public it's usually one of three ways that the term is applied. Is the common term "witness" the same as the term a Notary Public would use? Yes to some extent.For notaries it's one of three things: 1) Witnesses to wills...
If you read the news paper like I do no doubt you have noticed that the amount of space that the want ads take up is now a fraction of what they were. I myself no longer use them because the news paper charges as though they were still king and have ignored that most people look on line now at th...
Notaries do not notarize documents, we notarize signatures on documents. While this may sound like "splitting hairs" the truth is the document is 100% irrelevant to the notarization. If you want something notarized because you think it will give credibility to the document itself you are wrong. T...
What's Up Buttercup?That's what Sally K. & David L. Hanson want to know as a challenge this month: The BEST Challenge to be Your Best ! It made me think of The Champs, "What's Up Buttercup". Don't remember The Champs? They are best known for TEQUILA! (Which may be my next stop.)The challenge is t...
Did you know that KHRT broadcasts many local sporting events. We will gladly do a LIVE broadcast of your schools sporting events as long as you can provide the sponsors needed.  We can/will broad cast over KHRT 1320 AM or 106.9 FM as well as live over the World Wide Web! Just in the last month yo...
North Dakota is one of a FEW States that does not require a Notary to keep a Journal. A professional keeps a Journal, it's a sure sign that you are dealing with a Pro who wants to protect both you and him/her self. A Notary Journal is required in most States. In North Dakota a Journal is not requ...
14 Minutes with Steve Carbno of GoodwillA year ago, nearly to the day, we visited with Steve Carbno of Goodwill Easter Seals about what was new at the Goodwill Thrift Store. There was a lot new then and there is even more now. Take 15 minutes to hear the exciting news about this non-profit minist...
In December I wrote a post called  And If This Happened To You????  At that time I was not very happy with a member of the police force that showed me just as much care as the person who ripped me off. Before I go on though I will say that after a call to the Chief everything got straightened out...
Yesterday (Saturday) I posted about a great lunch I had that included Red Hot Jello for dessert. I received a request for the recipe for it so I had the chef herself write it out for us. I even have visuals of the actual products she used to make it.                    Sorry about the spelling bu...
We all hate to see our landfills grow with things that could be used or re-purposed by someone but some things are garbage! As the youngest of 3 boys I don't mind "hand-me-downs" and as an avid rummage saler and thrift store shopper I don't mind used goods                         BUT when you don...

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