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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



The North Dakota State Fair has set it's line up for this summers BIG event. I LOVE the fact that the North Dakota State Fair is held every year less then a mile away from my home. I love the excitement it brings. Here are the 2019 headliners.I live close enough I don't have to pay to hear these ...
I was pleasantly surprised to see the cover of this months THE NATIONAL NOTARY, Guarding Against Real Estate Fraud.As a former Real Estate agent and a Real Estate Broker the part a Notary Public played in detecting and helping prevent Real Estate fraud had never occurred to me.This article really...
If you think rock art is Velvet Elvis or weird album covers you need a little educating from Linda Olson, Professor of Studio Arts at Minot State University. I could not believe how fast the time went on this subject.  Linda tells us about some local (ND rock) at and more. BTW the proper names fo...
Yesterday I traveled to Rugby North Dakota for a Notary assignment. Rugby is 60 miles from Minot North Dakota and just in case you were unaware Rugby is the geographical center of North America. It was a beautiful drive and it was fun to see the state of affairs (early spring) along the way.Much ...
This is not a trick question but it is one that could have BIG legal ramifications if not answered truthfully. The Notary Public asking you this is not trying to be funny, he/she is asking you to take an oath and that is the Notary's greatest legal power. Answering that question falsely is an act...
It's March 23rd and I'm blogging outdoors again. It feels good! Last year I purchased a 4' X 6' green house in hopes of getting a head start on enjoying North Dakota's late and cool Spring. It worked great and I felt it was worth the money spent even if the equipment would only last a year.Surpri...
I am so excited! I just came from a trip to our local record store, Budget Music, and out on the counter they had the latest issue of VINYL TIMES (issue 2.3).This is a great magazine for us audiophiles that loved buying albums and equipment back in the 70's.This magazine has it all. Want to know ...
Imagicon 2019, coming right up.There back! SiFi fans can celebrate April 26 - 28th as Imagicon returns to The Magic City.It's outgrown the convention center where it has been held for years and now the gathering point is the Minot Municipal Auditorium.Did you ever wish every year had two hallowee...
A notary has one valid issue when working with document signers who are blind.The question is, does the signer know what the document is that they are signing?The notary needs to know that they are signing it willingly and deliberately? Some states require the notary to read the entire document t...
One of my favorite forms of art is quilting. I don't practice the art myself but I love seeing the inovative designs the artists who do quilt come up with. If you are in Minot today, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday you may want to take in some of the many quilting opportunities being offered.This is ...

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