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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Hannah Williams Challenged us non-Realtors to explain how what we do effects/benefits homeowners and Real Estate Agents. In a nutshell no Real Estate transaction would be legally Valid without a Notary Public.Even long before, possibly as far back as two hundred years before, your Real Estate tra...
I just completed an interview with Darcie Handt, Executive Director of ND Cares and now it's off to the editing floor.This interview will be Fridays radio broadcast of Minot Today on KHRT 106.9 FM and 1320 AM.If you are Active Duty, a past Veteran, or a family member or either you are going to wa...
Once in a while the weather guessers get it right. Thankfully they only got it partly right when they said we could/would have up to 6" of snow accumulation between yesterday and today. We have had rain and snow showers all day today but it didn't start accumulating until about 6:00 PM. Here is m...
A few years ago I posted about one of our families favorites zoo exhibits, the Kirks Dik Dik.The exhibit has grown with one new baby born last week. These graceful little creatures are actually of the antilope family. I wrote a post about them a few years back and it said: When talking about BIG ...
Okay, you've got just over two weeks to start gathering together all that stuff you never should have collected in the first place.Get it together and get rid of it at the Minot Public Works building on the East side of Minot, 1025 31st Street SE.I know I've got all this paint to get rid of as we...
It was a pretty good week for this old man. Of course the entire Easter weekend was fabulous with the exception of Tina not being able to make it home from college.Until today we have had good weather and today it self hasn't been all that bad. The off and on rain showers have been good for the e...
Stephanie Baze is the General Manager of the Clarion Hotel & Convention Center in Minot North Dakota and I learned a lot about my neighbor in this interview. I live about a half a mile from the Clarion and never knew it is the largest convention center in the State of North Dakota that is attache...
I was going to wait until the weekend to mow my lawn for the 1st time in 2019 BUT now after about a month of no snow... it's back in the forecast for this weekend. So after a days work, and dinner, I got the mower out and hoped it would start. Three pulls and I was off.It actually was a pretty pl...
The circus is coming to town. Every one, especially every child, should see the circus at least once. The Shrine Circus is all about children. It's all about bringing some fun and excitement into children's lives (children from 3 to 103 years old). The proceeds from the Shrine Circus also benefit...
Actually a holographic will is as Old School as you get. However due to modern movie special effects when you and I hear the words hologram and holographic we think of Star Wars or even much more modern images then that of the 36 year old movie.A holographic will is simply a hand written will. He...

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