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Coming up very quickly is February 14th  GIVING HEARTS DAY (I've been told something else is also celebrated that day but my focus is on Minot's Giving Hearts Day).In this radio broadcast airing Friday on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 AM Tanya Hennix from PATH North Dakota...
This picture was actually taken on Monday (01/28/2019). While we tell people that North Dakota is on the North Coast of the USA only the blondest of the blonde believe there is an ocean up here but it looked like one in the sky on Monday.I had to take this one with my phone as I didn't have my be...
With the temp being near 30 degrees today it is a perfect day to stay home and work on a jigsaw puzzle. A few weeks ago we completed a 1,000 piece puzzle with a picture of kittens on it so now it's time for us to go to the dogs.I spent the morning working out of my office but this afternoon I've ...
This was the actual air temperature when I woke up this morning.That's 26 degrees BELOW zero (without the wind chill).So what does that feel like, how do you explain it to people in the South? When I got dressed this morning I put on thermal long johns (top and bottom), sportsman's boot socks, bl...
During my radio broadcast/interview with Justin Anderson (executive Director of Minot Area Council of the Arts) he mentioned Giving Hearts Day coming up on February 14th. This coming Friday's interview is all about Giving Hearts Day. Here is a list of Minot participants:Giving Hearts Day is a Sta...
Often people will come into my office and ask me to notarize a hand written note. It may be a bill of sale or something as simple as "if I should die I want my girlfriend to get my cowboy boots".This is the 1st tip in a series of Notarization. What is Notarial language? Why a Notary can not stamp...
Getting ready to spike it! I love playing volleyball so this is right up my alley. However I'm not sure what team would be excited to recruit a 64 year old man with a long list of health problems (plus I could stand to lose 10 pounds).I do not believe there are any restrictions on who can play so...
Tickets are on sale today for those who are part of "Friends of the Hostfest" and to the general public tomorrow. I've written many posts about this EXTREMELY fun 4 day event that is held at the North Dakota State Fair grounds. Although I don't believe there is a drop of Scandinavian blood in me ...
Who's the Turkey?Although I'm no longer a landlord I will go on record as saying that North Dakota legislators are on the money looking at curbing what constitutes a "service animal". IMHO some people have gone way to far and for a medical professional (Dr.) to say that a turkey or a donkey is a ...
Just to be clear, I'm not concerned that Minot North Dakota will be directly effected by any of the names to the left... that would be one heck of a storm!What prompted me to share the list however is that it is part of a news letter I received with my flood insurance reminder.Minot North Dakota ...

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