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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Do members of a Toastmasters club sit around, drink champagne, and make toasts? NO! However when I first heard of Toastmasters 35 years ago that is what I envisioned. It was not until I attended my 1st meet this year that I found out what really goes on at those Toastmaster meetings. I hope you w...
I did enjoy this years gardening effort even though it was short and hampered by several deer invasions.We did harvest a lot of squash including this pumpkin and a ton of cherry tomatoes (the deer got all our regular size tomatoes this year. Next year I hope to have a little more variety in the g...
My best friend Jerry Kaup shares how he makes his road trips more enjoyable. Jerry does a lot of traveling and he will go out of his way if he reads a good dinning review. Much to my surprise these off the beaten path excursions are seldom expensive and according to Jerry they are always deliciou...
It's my own darn fault but I'm still mad at the Surgeon and her staff.Surgery was supposed to be Friday but now I've got to wait an additional week because lost in the multi-page directions of "prior to surgery" was a note that I should not take one of many meds for a week prior to the surgery.Wo...
Have you ever thought you had things under total control only to find out you just made yourself look like a total idiot to family, friends, or a client?It happens to the best of us. This story may make you feel better if you are down on yourself for a BIG gaff.Last night I attended our annual Yo...
Wiring is one of those things you want to "get right" in your home.Most people are wise enough to let the professionals do the electrical work but there are some do-it-yourselfers who are daring enough to do their own electrical work as well. That's fine... as long as you let the City Electrical ...
One of the oldest, common rumors about notarial procedures is that a notary must never notarize a blank document. Although the contents of a signer’s document are irrelevant to a notarization, the statutes of a few states specify that a notary may not sign their name and affix their seal on a bla...
I had to try out some new to me vintage video equipment and this morning was a great opportunity. It's October 12th and this is our 2nd blizzard of the year. God, please bring global warming to North Dakota! The snow did not stop my son and I from driving across town this morning to a men's Bible...
Nick Dryer and I talk about the Our Saviors Lutheran Church Mercy Care program and it's intent. Mercy Care and a program I developed called The Noodle Ministry have joined together to provide Ramon Noodles to indigent prisoners at the Ward County Correctional facility. Listen into the hows and wh...
North Dakota is known for huge temperature swings and this week did not disappoint. It's been a record setting cold summer and fall but early this week we had temps in the mid 70's which was GREAT. Then in typical North Dakota fashion, in a matter of less then 12 hours we went from the mid 70's t...

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