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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



MARCO is short for Minot Area Recovery Community and they are here to help you and your loved ones start the healing from drug addiction.  Meet Andrew Schultz, Executive Director of MARCO and listen in to find out how you can help yourself or a loved one get on the path of recovery. Andrew Schult...
Get educated on ALL the wonderful services The UPS Store can provide you. Did you know they can provide shipping through MANY carriers, not just UPS? Did you know they print not only copies but signs, banners, and more as well? Did you know that they provide mail box services so you don't have to...
I can't truly call it spring cleaning when here in North Dakota we are still in the middle of winter but yesterday I was cleaning out the garage and found my old pile of Mac computers. I believe the only ones I kept are ones I knew, or was pretty sure of, had Steve Jobs signature inside them. I b...
Doesn't it make you mad when a store has a BIG sale and then they don't have the product on hand? Take that a step further, you are really excited about an item in the sale so you get up early (not talking Black Friday early here) and you are there with-in an hour of when the store opens and then...
What a combination of interests, Big Game Hunting and Real Estate. The man who combines these interests (in the Minot ND area) is Wayne Tuttle. The two actually go together well as every Realtor knows the thrill of House Hunting and helping the client pull the trigger.Minot Today is broadcast ove...
Specifically, I think it's important to help children learn how to deal with death. Death is a very confusing thing to a child... heck, it's confusing to most adults as well.I was 46 years old when my 1st born... was born. Unlike most kids I knew mine were much more likely to be attending funeral...
The search for a Director for the Taube Museum Of Art came to an end a few months ago when Rachel Alfaro took the reins. I'm so glad that Rachel found time to visit with me this morning, just in time to get the Minot Today radio broadcast on the air over KHRT 1320 AM and 106.9 FM out of Minot Nor...
I've written several posts about my son Timmothy and his comic strip books that he has written and illustrated but I've never really shown you his true artistic abilities (except the videos I've posted of his skill as a pianist). Let's start with my favorite. I call it Mexican Timmothy, he calls ...
Sorry if you were expecting a post about ghosts. I just spent 40 minutes putting this together and the "oh snap" screen came up. I told my wife about it and she said "oh, a ghost post" and I liked that phrase. The following are snapshots I've taken recently but just didn't have enough material to...

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