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I'm going to catch the moon for you and for me.I snapped this picture because I liked the way this bare tree appeared to be reaching to embrace the moon. If I could catch the moon for you, I'd hold it...  just a moment... just long enough for you to see... all the love that exists because of You ...
The Sertoma Christmas in the Park is their best show yet. I am not sure when the tradition of light displays through Oak Park in Minot North Dakota started but I know it was well before I moved here twenty years ago. Over the years it has been pretty static as who (what businesses) participated i...
I was writing a last minute Christmas card today and it made me sad.The older we get the more friends and relationships fall by the wayside. We lose friends who move, we lose friends to death, and we lose friends due to changes of opinions. It breaks our hearts... especially at Christmas.We live ...
I had an interesting start to my work day this morning. As I turned the corner to my office I could see three Police cars, and a Fire truck sitting at the block of my office. I wasn’t to surprised that they were at the far end of my block as there has always been a lot of activity at the old apar...
This is very last minute and there is NO WAY a purchase today is going to be shipped before Christmas but Timmothy Timm and The Titus & Philemon Art Gallery is having it's first ever 11" X 17" Originals art sale. Original 11" X 17" Titus and Philemon art work will be sold at half price ($50.00) f...
I DO enjoy shopping on line and in particular I love looking for deals on eBay.There are pitfalls to shopping on eBay such as dishonest/deceptive Sellers, products that don’t work, and of course dealing with shipping times.I have made hundreds of purchases from eBay, in fact I believe I was one o...
My Christmas miracle happened on December 28th 1961 and I didn’t even know until about it until mid year 1997. In the year of 1961 I was seven years old and I just moved three hundred miles across the State of MN. I didn’t know much of anything (although some people say they learned everything th...
Some time in October I did something that aggravated my back. I have NO idea what. My back and I have a very long history of the two of us not getting along but this was something different… I have no idea what I did and the pain I’m experiencing is like nothing I’ve experienced before. I’m not w...
Who Is My Brother? Some of you know I very recently lost my brother Rick. We were very close growing up but chose different paths in our 20's. In reality I lost him decades ago to chemical abuse but he just died in November. I suspect that many of you know that the title of this post is borrowed ...
We have been very lucky this Fall of 2021 that this is our first real snowfall of the season. We were predicted to get 5" to 8" of snow but I think this was more like 3". Because the temperature was close to freezing the snow has pretty much stayed put and not blown around.One of the members of o...

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