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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



From inside The Titus & Philemon Art Gallery, an artist/cartoonists' perspective of sleep and drink. These are two recent strips from the Minot Daily News and more importantly they are creations from the mind of Timmothy Nathaniel Timm. I had a little trouble with the lighting (and holding on to ...
A challenge has been put forth!The challenge is to share two web related goals for 2022 and I definitely have two web-related goals for 2022 that I have been working on. The good news is that I already accomplished one of the goals on Monday of this week, a return to podcasting and RIGHT NOW I am...
I have no desire to cover all the things going on in Minot the first two days of April (Friday and Saturday) 2022 but there are a couple of things I may take in myself. My 2nd podcast of the year, and week, will fill you in. One involves the arts and the other sports even though sports is not my ...
Just in case you are having trouble with the picture.Sometimes we need to make adjustments. This morning I had a Dr.'s appointment and I did not wear an undershirt, just in case. When that appointment was over I went home and got one because it was below freezing and I was cold. The problem was/i...
After two days of tinkering I figured out how to get my buck fifty piece of podcast equipment functioning.I love a challenge when it comes to old technology and this purchase had several challenges in one package.First of all the package was put together when Windows XP was top dog. Some of the s...
Yesterday I purchased a podcast package, much like the one pictured above, at the the thrift store for just $1.50. I think it sold for about $80.00 or more new.It was/is a really nice package and it got me thinking about how I missed my on the air radio show, Minot Today. While I don't want the p...
The Noodle Ministry.I don't know what the absolute lowest point was in your life but for some people it is when they find themselves in jail and flat broke. That person is referred to as "an indigent prisoner" . Many of these people were once bright students and leaders in their occupations but a...
I appreciate (and am thankful for) the suggestion to keep our on line signature fresh. It makes sense. My "re-fresh" appears above.My old signature (below) was informative and straight to the point BUT it lacked any color at all. Not that anyone wants to see my picture but at least they know what...
If you live in North Dakota you most likely have Spring Fever now after the warm (40's and 50's) temps BUT spring doesn't come and STAY until late April... fact is I've seen several snowfalls on my birthday, May 16th.That being said I am looking forward to several camping trips this summer. My ca...
Today was the first day of the 2022 grilling season for yours truly. After what seemed like a forever amount of time cleaning it I was ready for those first burgers to be put on.At first I thought I'd write about grill safety BUT I've just shown you a picture of my grill sitting on a wood deck so...

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