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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Although the sun never broke through the thick cloud cover and it was a bit windier than the norm there were plenty of blessings to be thankful for.First and foremost it was a day of prayers of thanksgiving for those who gave their lives for our freedoms (all freedoms including the 2nd amendment)...
Over the past 4 years I've written several posts about the collegiate baseball team that plays across the street from my home, The Sabre Dogs.We have really enjoyed having the Sabre Dogs as our neighbors and we are hopeful that another collegiate league will come in behind them. Last year the Sab...
It seems like gradual changes can happen suddenly.The GOOD!When I walked by this tree yesterday the buds looked like little pearls. That caught me eye because the pearls looked good. Today many of the "pearls" have fully opened and it looks even better. It also is releasing it's beautiful aroma.T...
The picture above is courtesy of I was reading a few little blurbs in AARP, The Magazine, April/May 2022 about brain health and I wanted to pass on a little of the knowledge that impressed me (especially the stuff I am already doing).#1) You are going to love this one. Become acti...
It appears that this time it may really be spring.Tina painting her playhouse, my grape vine coming back to life, and the trees starting to leaf. Not only that but Timmothy has mowed the lawn twice and the forecast shows no signs of freezing temperatures.I love vintage electronics. The two pictur...
Really!A buss across the street from my home today reminded me of my high school days as potato... err Spud. It was this buss of the Dickinson North Dakota Midgets.My school was across the boarder in Minnesota. Dickenson is in North Dakota. And then there is another neighboring State, Montana who...
I wanted to write this post after hearing agriculture and the same old "Population Bomb" drivel being blamed for the baby formula shortage. How absurd! It makes me wonder what it takes to kill a lie that has been proven to be a lie over and over again. Nearly every nation on earth has seen large ...
Oddly enough I do remember a couple of snows on my Birthday, May 16th, but I don't remember snow on my brothers birthday, May 20th.We are expected to get a half inch of moisture. Of course that does NOT mean a half inch of snow on the ground as the snow is melting nearly as fast as it lands on an...
I believe it was just a few months ago I told you when it comes to hiring contractors that I finally had learned a lesson after a few disasters.I have not.I have always been one to root for the underdog or the new guy trying to get a start in his/her business. This attitude has been 50/50 as far ...
My feature art work above was inspired by my memory of the opening credits of That 70's Show.So Tina just drove from Milwaukee to Minot and what is the first thing her Dad asks?Would you like to go with me to Bottineau ND first thing in the morning?Without hesitation she said yes. She loves to tr...

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