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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



While putting together this post I came across this T-shirt and it "fits" perfectly. Misery is all the Rage today.Sad but it's true. Politics may come to mind but even greater is Road Rage. Chances are, if you have been behind the wheel... ever... in the last decade you have experienced road rage...
Well, I can show you what happened to the stinky dog.As far as that "free" dog I guess I could show you receipts for the dog bed, the tie out cable, the two toys, treats and more that all added up to nearly $100.00.Considering Baby came with a kennel (living room type to sleep in), water & food b...
If you do not read the Q & A section of Active Rain you have missed out on a lot of chatter as to if we are in a recession or not.I've weighed in on the subject on the two that I've seen in the last 24 hours. One by Philip A. Raices (couldn't tag him) titled: Will our Current slight recession...A...
Well, I finally pulled the trigger on an older dog adoption. Met Baby, an eight year old (approximately 50 pound) mixed breed dog. Baby's family is moving and they can not take her along to her Masters new military assignment. Our best guess is that Baby is Predominantly a lab or Doberman.Now, fo...
We had lots of fun yesterday at the 2022 North Dakota State Fair. We arrived around 1:00PM and stayed till 8:00PM. I would have loved to stay longer however I am still suffering sever leg pain and just couldn't do it. Your continued prayers are appreciated.The good old fashion Merry-Go-Round.Tea ...
As Joe says: "Even things that should be unusual are normal here". Doesn't that about sum it all up for us involved in Real Estate? It's pretty unusual when we are surprised.In my semi-retirement I see much less "unusual" as a closing notary then I did as a RE Broker. I've never seen anything lik...
I accepted a closing approximately 80 miles from home yesterday. The pay was good and I wanted to get the agriculture picture as far as how the crops were coming along.As you can see from the photo above the soy beans are looking great, so is the corn.I decided to drive Tina's Toyota instead of m...
Today was the day of the BIG parade!It was a grand parade with approximately 200 entries. There were marching men, cars, girls, horses, Big equipment and much much more.Lots of marchingLots of Cars. New and  vintage.Lots of pretty girls.Lots of horses. Not pictured but present were the Budweiser ...
Kat Palmiotti commented on my post yesterday, Foundem! and her comment made me think of an embarrassing moment while I was showing a property to a developer I had recently formed a friendship with.It went something like this:Actually it was almost exactly like that. We had just got out of the car...
One of the most"popular" Senior Moments is forgetting where you left your keys. For those of us that have a lot of keys, and what RE professional doesn't, the "where did I put my keys" Senior Moment can be quite a problem.About a month ago I had that moment with my main set of keys... car, home, ...

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