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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



I am always showing pictures and videos of Minot ND during a blizzard, I thought it may be a good idea to let you know that no blizzards are predicted during the North Dakota State Fair that will be starting this Friday 07/22/2022. So come to Minot this weekend or coming week and I will give you ...
Sometimes We ScreamSometimes Out of AnguishSometimes Out of DelightYesterday I gave you a "heads-up" on this Saturdays North Dakota State Fair Parade. Today I am going to encourage you to find some time in the next two weeks to relax .... and to SCREAM at The North Dakota State Fair itself.I love...
One of our favorite events in Minot ND is the North Dakota State Fair Parade. The North Dakota State Fair is the largest event in the State of North Dakota, it brings hundreds of thousands of visitors, not just from the area but from all over the USA.The NDSF Parade starts this Saturday the 23rd ...
Another cartoon that could have many "moral of the story" lines to it. I am going to use it for a hyper-local post.While you shouldn't eat the date on your calendar your children will be fed at our one day Vacation Bible School.Our church, Grace Evangelical Lutheran (a Wisconsin Lutheran Synod) C...
 Every once in a while I purchase a bargain just for the fun of it. This one could have possibly sat on the self until the store got tired of it and thrown it away had I not pulled the $2.00 required to post its bail.An ugly shade of blue, a stupid flower look, three colorless petals for fan blad...
I am not talking about evidence but I guess I could be (so Hillary, pay attention). If you are like me you do shed old and miss printed documents from your office. My volume is too small to hire a “service” like my Edward Jones office neighbor does so I shred it myself and fill a large kitchen ba...
It has been a while since I've woke up to a foggy Summer morning but that was the case this morning. It was beautiful to see from the porch but not so wonderful to drive to work in.Funny how some things are so ingrained into us that we assume we know exactly what we are talking about. As soon as ...
No it’s not November 24th It doesn’t need to be Thanksgiving to give thanks. It’s good to give thanks every day not just to God but to our fellow mankind. As I said in a recent post titled Just Doing My Part I believe it’s important for us to thank merchants and service providers using Google Bus...
We all do it. Some times It's with jokes, personal stories, or even giving information about a house (this house is rumored to have spirits). I especially remember a few embarrassing times of sharing too much information when I was dating (several decades ago). As embarrassing as that was the onl...
NOT!!!Just look at that chart above. When you buy that box of cereal for Five Bucks they make a whole 12 Cents or how about that 6 pack of beer you purchased for $9.99 to offer your summer guests they make a killing of 5 cents (total for the whole six pack) for the grain and hops that make it pos...

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