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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Real Estate professionals are agents of change.At times we only usher people from one neighborhood in the same city to another. For most clients it's an easy move. They already know the area, they don't need a new drivers license and whether they have children or not they probably know the school...
That cartoon, Titus & Philemon by Timmothy Timm, certainly is an exaggeration but as Realtors, and even more so the Home Inspectors I know, we have seen some unusual building materials.I am a "Do It Yourself-er" and I am guilty of misusing pallet wood, roofing paper, duct tape (that's for you Lyn...
When I first saw this I thought "that can't be". I assumed that dirt had gotten stuck in the post and that this grass had grown out of it. WRONG! Upon closer inspection I could trace the stocks/stems of this grass through the holes in the post. That brings up another thought of wonder... wonder w...
This is my first trip to the Bison Trail just East of Minot off of Hwy 52 East. This is an extensive set of trails maintained by the Minot Park District. The first I heard of it was probably two years ago when my neighbor, a very active biking enthusiast told me about it. I'm not going to say I w...
Maybe  those are monumental chores to our pets 😃.I had forgotten about just how much love a pet can give us. I had been "dogless" for 7 years before we rescued Baby a month ago. I like going to bed knowing Baby is going to listen for anything threatening our domain. I like waking up and seeing he...
The key word in this post and the above poster is "BY" and that it is NOT in the park. The event is held next to (North) of Harley's and across the street (East of) Marketplace Foods in the Arrowhead mall.Eagles Wings Church is just far enough off of the road that it is easy to miss. I have not a...
When that closing date, and/or time, is delayed the finger pointing starts and those fingers seem to point just about every direction except at oneself. Surprise! Sometimes it should point at you to. You can be anyone involved in the transaction and that includes a whole lot more people then you ...
I don't have a lot of friends but I am very thankful for the friends I do have. When you are a friend (anyone's friend) you are like Philemon, "the opposite of stress", to those who appreciate your friendship.One of my friends stopped by this morning and gave me this journal. It was perfect timin...
The photograph above was actually taken this evening (yesterday) and not this morning as we are under a storm watch BUT the sun insisted on peeking through.Of course there are innumerable clichés about light in the darkness, the calm in the storm and on and on BUT this post is much simpler than t...
No brilliant wisdom here, just saying it's the end of the day and for a Monday it was a good day. Not that it being Monday really had to do anything with it because it would have been a good day no matter what day of the week it was.Business wise I got some new remote closing jobs lined up for th...

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