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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



I live on 13th Street SE in Minot, just a half a block South of one of the Cities two arterial highway (the other is 15 blocks to the West. Eight blocks to the South is another world... or could just as well be.My home is eight blocks due North of the red circle on the typical map above (same str...
I was going through some of my clip art, I have disks and disks from years gone by, and I found this one I've always liked but never used.Friends. It takes my mind all different directions. At first I think "Old Friends" but really... how long could these two have been friends? Then I think remem...
One day, a few months ago, I had an early morning visitor to the art gallery. Michael RedFox loves art and he had time to kill so he stopped in to pass his time in the gallery until a certain establishment opened for business.After a tour of the gallery we sat at the table I use as a notary publi...
One of our favorite guest artists at the Titus & Philemon Art Gallery is Len Haabak. Len's painting are often mistaken for photographs. He is also our Best Selling Guest Artist.These are prints we have currently in our gallery. Len aso does custom work. His contact information is: 
While reading "NORTH DAKOTA LIVING", a publication put out by local cooperatives I came across this article:The Dave Muehler family (Dave, Wanda, and adult son Matt) raise 40 pound turkeys! WOW, how big is your oven and how many people will be sitting around your dining table?The Muehlers produce...
I saw a article in AARP about a lawsuit against the largest reverse mortgage lender, now settled, and I am wondering if you were aware of the lawsuit?I am in the age group that a reverse mortgage appeals to most. I have thought about it myself... but I stop when I think about how the reverse mort...
I just received a very difficult request to notarize a document. As a Notary Public this is what I do BUT this time I had to say no thank you. This one was just to complicated. YOU could have been the person calling me so pay attention to the circumstances.The caller asked if I had a Power Of Att...
I couldn't convince my 20 year old son to go on a photo walk with me today even though it was a balmy 10 degrees and the sun was shinning. I just don't know what it is with kids today 😃 (I think you all know I think Timmothy is the absolute best).Instead of taking a walk we removed the screen to ...
Some of my recent posts have caused you to ask (and me to question) why do you chose to live in such a harsh climate?To be fair the "harsh" part of our North Dakota winter is typically only three months... not all winter long (November through March).You got me thinking. What do I like about wint...
Okay, it's only 6 below but the feels like temperature is 29 degrees below. The point is that commerce still goes on downtown Minot North Dakota. Businesses and business owners do not take a day, week, month or season off due to the cold weather. Thank God the hardy people of the North keep shopp...

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