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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



By now you probably have had trick or treaters knocking on your door. Hopefully you have time to read this wishing you well from Timmothy, Titus & Philemon, and myself greeting.It's hard to believe that this (Hallmark) Holiday snuck up on me but it's really been a busy time. Hope you have some fu...
If you receive the Sunday newspaper and it has the Parade magazine in it then you know who Marilyn vos Savant is. I realize that now a days few people do get the paper which is why I am sharing this information with you. Marilyn is considered to have the highest IQ on the planet and in the Parade...
If you live in the Minot Area and you want safe Trick or Treating for your kids hope in the car tomorrow and hit these good people up for Trunk or Treating.My kids are to old (although they both would go if they could) but If you are new to town I tell you where we would go.1) Scheels, 2) Marketp...
"Let your yes be yes is good advice domestically as well as business wise. In short be true to your word and if you break it (your word, your vow, your promise) you have lost honor in the eyes of those you have vowed to.We certainly don't want to break a promise (our word) to the little ones in o...
This video shows the results of us (Timmothy N. Timm and I) moving to the lower level of the building we were already in at 201 Main Street South, Minot North Dakota. The bulk of the video is about the Titus & Philemon Art Gallery but I also give you a glimpse of my office, Ward County Notary Ser...
Today is/was The Downtown Haunting. Actually I'm not sure what they call it BUT from all the happy faces and big smiles I'd say it was a very happy day.Here we have one happy girlWe also had Sisters and little BrothersCrowds EVERYWHERE.Sistersand Moms.A lot of fun and a lot of candy for all.
U.S. CENSUS: North Dakota Only State to Get YoungerNorth Dakota also retained its position as the fourth-youngest state behind Utah at 31, Alaska at 34.6 and Texas at 34.8 years of age.”This is very encouraging news, reaffirming that our state has a healthy economy, high quality of life and ample...
... I remember having a lot of fun on the Steel Pier. I remember that they boasted that it went a mile out into the ocean, today I am thinking that was very exaggerated.My Mom was from Atlantic City and we would go visit Grandma and Grandpa about every four years. I remember that the game of Mono...
Oh NO! We received snow before Halloween again.It's always kind of a crap shoot as to what kind of weather the kids get for Halloweening up North here. Reflecting back to my childhood and even through the years of my children I'd say it's been pretty 50/50 as to the number of years with and witho...
When we rescued Baby from a private party we were told a lot of things that were not true. One, she was up to date on her shots and two, she had a vet (as if she saw him regularly). Well on Thursday she saw a vet for the 2nd time in her 7 years. She got chipped, caught up on her shots, treated fo...

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