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GOD GAVE US PASSION!As we have shared or gratitude's and thanks over the last month I wanted to end mine with my gratitude for the God given gift of passion. Most of us were born out of passion and hopefully we were raised in homes where Mom and Dad's passion remained for each other but overall b...
I don't read books, except ONE, but I will pick up a magazine no matter how disassociated it is with my life, such as agricultural magazines. I'm always amazed at what I learn on topics I thought had nothing to do with me.Yesterday I picked up a magazine that was sent to my business address for a...
Most people have enough common sense to know that just because a pet has fur doesn't mean that it can withstand winter temperatures. However some are ignorant to the fact that even a dog (or Timmothy's guinea pigs) with a good heavy coat is no match for the extremes of the Northland.I abbreviated...
As per yesterdays post Saturday was decorating day in the Timm household but today, Sunday was Tree Day, as declared by Timmothy Nathanial. We have been resurrecting the same fake tree for at least 10 years now and although it looks OK it doesn't have the thrill it once had. I'm thinking "REAL" n...
The "tradition" in the Robert L. Timm house for the Saturday after Thanksgiving is to clear the home of all fall decorations and break out the Christmas Decorations.If my aging memory hasn't failed me, last year I showed you Carol's extensive mug collection. I want to show you some of her nativit...
I was NOT one of the crazy ones out at 4:00 or 5:00 AM but I did head to Menards at 11:00 AM.It was nothing like this picture of Best Buy but it was the busiest I'd seen it in many years. It was packed but I went with the right attitude and nearly everyone else I saw was also smiling. I even got ...
I forgot that I was going to post the comic strip above by Timmothy N. Timm yesterday but isn't this a whole weekend of Thanksgiving? I don't know if you had the feast of your life but Carol treated Timmothy, I and friends to a wonderful, traditional meal yesterday.Here is another one for yesterd...
This may be a silly question but do you KNOW Your God?I am not going to get all preachy and give anyone a sermon today but it's a legitimate question, do you know your god?In the earliest years of my life my god was probably my Mother... she could make anything happen. She made food and she cloth...
I can not say that the bell ringing is annoying to me, especially after yesterdays post of gratitude for the bell ringing but, however, I may feel a little more like Titus (above) in a month. That being said I do understand Titus's desire to take a nap. This last week has been tough on me emotion...
When I saw this cartoon by Timmoty N Timm it reminded me of REALTOR RING DAY, a tradition started right here in Minot North Dakota and now carried out in every State in the Union.It's hard to believe the picture above is already 13 years old because I remember it like yesterday. Tina helped me se...

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