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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Doctors and mental health professionals encourage all of us to strive for a balance for our best physical and mental health. Have you found your balance?Even in retirement I have found it hard to achieve balance. In fact I think I had a more balanced life when I was working as a Broker/Owner. Pri...
Annoyed and Aggravated, What a greeting committee.Having walked into many professionals offices I hate to say that I have met Annoyed and Aggravated several times. Who knows why Annoyed and Aggravated were open for business and displaying their attitudes. Perhaps they were in the middle of textin...
We didn't expect them so it's a good thing they ate like birds. Well they were birds so that worked out well. At least a couple of them used the doormat.We have had always had a lot of birds around because I keep the bird feeders full during December, January, and February. What's new this year i...
Grant Schneider had game!and Grant liked to share with us how we can gain our own Game through skills he willingly and freely shared.When I uploaded this cartoon yesterday I had no idea I would be using it to honor Grant BUT how could I not? Grant was a wonderful inspiration to all of us in the R...
As a proud Dad I have been watching the Newspaper like a hawk to see if Timmothy made the Dean's List for his performance during the Fall semester. Finally, in today's paper, and also a certificate in the mail, there it was. Even better than the Dean's List, Timmothy made the President's Honor Ro...
By now I would guess everyone is done making resolutions and almost everyone has broken the resolutions they had made BUT I hope that you are indeed soaring to new heights as Titus & Philemon are.If your resolution(s) have crashed and burned don't pout about it.We all can have as many "do overs" ...
Yes Joe, why would anyone steal your toilet paper?At least Titus had a good reason and the toilet paper stayed in your own house.It's hard to believe but stealing toilet paper is a real thing. In the office building I am you can not remove a roll until it's empty and the cleaning crew only leave ...
Isn't it funny that with the advent of the digital camera and expensive film passing by into the sunset we are seeing a whole new side of humanity? A side we used to see pretty much limited to the photo booths in the malls. I'm glad to see the lighter side. This world can use it.For you "youngste...
I believe I was actually taught this as "Be careful of what you pray for" but what ever it's the same thing isn't it (except those who don't pray don't know who they are asking when they are wishing)?I am sure everybody reading this can relate to receiving what they prayed for but didn't expect t...
I can not say that as a Realtor I had ever listed a home with gnawing damage but I have listed several with pet urine damage.The biggest heartbreak for me was selling a shirttail relatives home who had the mindset that it was too cold out to let their three dogs out so they just let them do their...

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